Hoboken411 Theft

We emailed Perry Klaussen. If you notice he’s now taken today’s photos that were specifically copyrighted per the exact story and posted them without permission on his website.

He claims a “reader” sent them to him. We have served notice to him twice now via email. Our attorney is clocking it now.

Then again, it would be fun seeing someone try to produce how they got the photos given to them in court. (That’s what my litigator said. Industry humor I suspect.)

Update 7:15: Well Perry did the right thing and removed the copyrighted photos. We’ve saved the offending page per the attorney’s direction. Unfortunately, we can’t print the mocking email he sent though as we were advised it would be detrimental to any potential action.

A little idea lifting is flattery, but this isn’t the Piri Piri story. Let’s put it this way, if you want to do such a thing, it’s better to be far away like in Brazil where copyright law is harder to reach you. The Portuguese food is also cheaper. Copyright infringement as I have been told, can be very expensive.

A posted apology is much cheaper. See one we just did yesterday as an example.

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