Crated away!

The Hoboken Police and Jersey City Bomb Squad finally completed the removal of all dangerous materials from 632 Garden St. They used a special disposable chamber. It did some sort of internal processing. You can see the swinging arm to the left of the device that seals any dangerous materials in the picture. (Click photos to enlarge.)

And finally, that unit along with the two Jersey City Bomb Squad Vehicles has left. The Hoboken Police are still in the building. We have no idea what remains for them to complete. One rumor was that there was some home made ammunition and this had to be disposed of as well. But there’s no confirmation on that. We’re reluctant to pass along even that as so much bad information has been going around today, along with some other very bad mojo. It started with this poor man Frank (Francis his official name but we aren’t using his whole name without confirm), and continued with plenty of screwballs along the way.
Was it something in the water?

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