Hoboken411 still stuck on the big lie technique

The boys of hate at Hoboken411 should be happy to see their chief bogeyman, Mike Lenz off the stage on the City Council but their foul tempers are never so easily assuaged.

An easy trifecta of madness has been served up.  Here’s the Hoboken411 accusation:

Under orders from the Hoboken411 minion, everyone is hereby ordered not to look under the rug of problems arising in this election.  The problems are numerous and some have been referred to the Hudson County prosecutor’s office by the Hudson County Board of Elections as stated in a Jersey Journal story Thursday afternoon.

Unfortunately Lane Bajardi, the worst imitation of John Q. Public and concerned citizen since the Soviet Union fell and Pravda went under, made light of any such concerns declaring all such matters null and void.  (This prompted the Jolly Green Giant at the Hoboken Journal to raise an eyebrow and say hmmmn time to take a closer look.)

Although Perry Klaussen, “the editor,” at Hoboken411 wouldn’t know any of this firsthand, Lane Bajardi was way deep working on the Occhipinti campaign even showing up in the now infamous TO midnight lair video and hugging it out with Mike Russo.

Lane Bajardi – cranking up the usual poison pen of lies

Thursday’s Jersey Journal news makes it clear the numerous concerns on the matter of election fraud isn’t just going to go away.  An appeal directly to the State Attorney General’s office is going to be made, no matter what Hudson County does.

Let’s just put this Hoboken411 fabrication into the bad timing category – as in that’s too bad you hate mongers.

The truth here is evident at least enough to show this too is a lie.  It’s clear from the City of Hoboken video as there’s just too wide a camera angle revealing the truth:

Now although you can’t see everyone in the video, it’s obvious City Council President Carol Marsh politely applauds.  That’s sufficient evidence to counter more fibbing from Hoboken411 the the four reform members were all not applauding.  (Later Ravi Bhalla would congratulate Tim Occhipinti during the meeting himself, but hey what more needs to be said on this whopper?)

The last lie is of course just flat out laughable that the mayor and Councilman Dave Mello lost on their home court of 4-1 and 4-2.  This just flat out stupid lie says it was by over 200 votes on the machines.  The truth is the machine vote totals are readily available by district and have been already published here and elsewhere.

On that score it was Mike Lenz over Tim Occhipinti 688 – 377.  Guess these guys don’t imagine any one would look at the obvious.

Well as MSV noted yesterday, this was a quite an odd City Council meeting.  The ‘winners’ were bitter and still seem to be struggling with the basic reality that the reform movement is not quaking at losing a fourth ward election, even with the old guard “all in” and pulling every string possible fair and unfair at the ballot box.

This seems to have unnerved some of them.  And it’s made some unstable.  It’s a real concern now.  More on this to come.

Talking Ed Note: The City released its comprehensive decades back overview on the waterfront. (see below)  At the previous City Council meeting, Councilman Mike Russo said “What did the mayor know and when did she know it?

Today he got his answer.  Understandably, it’s causing major consternation.  Hoboken411 we hear posted its assortment of lies to try to help Mikie Squared get over the indisgestion.

It’s going to leave a mark regardless.

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