Breaking: Criminal referals to Hudson County prosecutor underway

Katie Colaneri is reporting for the Jersey Journal confirming Mayor Zimmer’s tweet this morning – there’s ballots being turned over to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office from the fourth ward special election.

200 challenges were written up citing numerous problems by the Lenz for Council campaign.  Red flags went up when the Hudson County Board of Elections declined to completely investigate a multitude of problems showing illegal voting.

Even with the a second hand report of “not interested” from the County, 96 ballots have been tossed based on the most cursory review such as signatures not matching, improper custody, etc.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla at last night’s City Council meeting
recognizes electoral fraud fight has to go to the State level.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla says in the story, this needs to go to the state for investigation noting, “We intend to bring all this evidence to the attorney general’s office and request formal investigation and I think it should have been done by the Board of Elections, rather than referring us to the county prosecutor’s office.”

Originally in the 4th ward special election, there were over 600 vote by mail ballot applications and over 500 were returned.

Of those, the last tally showed Tim Occhipinti with 390 vote by mail paper ballots vs. Mike Lenz’s 34.  That means Tim Occhipinti received almost a full third of his vote in paper ballots!    

Talking Ed Note: A commenter noted a good person to call on the state side: Gene Berry who reports to Robert Giles.  609-292-3760.

Please join the other readers in making a call and asking for the state to aid Hoboken in investigating the fraud in this election.

It’s pretty clear there’s not much interest from the Hudson County Board of Elections that kicked this over to the prosecutor’s office.  They should be doing a comprehensive investigation but they won’t.

Hudson County is the leader in the Soprano State culture of corruption. The battle must be taken by the readers to the State.

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