Hoboken411 Mason blogger distracts from FBI investigation, calls staff emails “Watergate”

Last night brought the the sudden reappearance of Beth Mason’s political speechwriter, blogger and Hoboken411 political apparatus after a sudden hiatus when the FBI hammer fell on Hoboken.

We’re suppose to believe the witch hunt for emails is “Watergate,” (no joke, that’s a quote) and there will be grand conspiracies revealed by the release to the public of two of the mayoral staffers’ emails.

Beth’s Mason political apparatus of Hoboken411 now claims the FBI criminal investigation is a “political weapon” to protect two mayoral staffers.  MSV is sure the FBI will be impressed.  Not!

As a secondary target on that hit list of a resolution from Beth Mason and Mike Russo, the emails as MSV stated at the meeting are going to come out regardless, but when the FBI says so.  Attempts to distract from a federal criminal investigation are not going to work.  There’s been a serious intrusion into City Hall’s electronic data.

How does MSV know?  Because you don’t get a full scale criminal investigation from the FBI without some deadly serious objective and indisputable data.

The new Hoboken411 conspiracy on the FBI criminal investigation is presented by Councilwoman Beth Mason’s blogger friend Lane Bajardi last night.  The restated political propaganda party line now is it’s “Watergate” with the FBI “protecting” two mayor staffers.  
The latest lunatic fringe conspiracies stated last night are already up on Hoboken411 hours later with Beth Mason’s remarks.  Who do you think also wrote those? 

Talking Ed Note: Mason411 is now trying to weave new spin.  First it was the Zimmer Administration under investigation by the FBI, now the federal criminal investigation is “Watergate” designed “to protect” two city employees.

This same political conspiracy was all the focus of Beth Mason’s “friend” last night who isn’t of course paid for his friendship.  At least on that we can all agree.

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