Beth Mason budget karma is a ….

Sometimes there’s just golden moments to sit back and enjoy.  This video clip demonstrates one of them, a beautiful moment when the Beth Russo attempts to sabotage the city by passing a crippled budget zeroing out the surplus falls on its face.

The problem: Beth Mason put out a resolution not satisfying the required public hearing.

When the council chair Beth Mason discovers the public hearing requirement is not met, she points fingers at everyone and goes into a meltdown.  The City Clerk Jimmy Farina and Business Administrator will have none of it.  It was her and Mike Russo’s budget amendment resolution.  They are responsible and Beth Mason stands atop that short list.

Talking Ed Note: After the Beth Russo hydra zeroed out the budget with the political intent to harm the city’s ability to pay for major bills upcoming, the amendment to shortchange the city falls on its face.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano bitterly denounces people in the Administration for not cooperating with the sabotage.

Can a budget actually have karma?  Apparently it can.

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