Hoboken411 calls Board of Ed official “an angry c#%!”

Hoboken411 and Lane Bajardi emails offer more ugly revelations: political vengeance & the “c” word against BoE official

Hoboken411 and its tied with an umbilical cord censored political content over years via Lane Bajardi serving to advance Beth Mason is in deep water again.

Yesterday, emails between Hoboken411 blog owner Perry Klaussen and Lane Bajardi showed the interest in inflicting punishment on local Hoboken businesses for political and self-serving purposes.

The story appeared on Grafix Avenger with the Hoboken411 email stating,

“Attack the businesses they like…”

Councilwoman Beth Mason called Hoboken411 her favorite “newsite” and tried to make the totalitarian website known for heavily censoring dissenting views against her and her agenda an official City of Hoboken website in 2009. She was reportedly seen with Hoboken411 Perry Klaussen at uptown eateries. The nature of their meetings has not been identified.
The sordid revelations between Hoboken411 and Lane Bajardi don’t end there. In an email from January 2011, Perry Klaussen the owner of the Hoboken411 cybersewer forwards an email to Lane Bajardi from a BoE official who titles an email “response to Maureen and footnote for 411” that she denied attending any “junket” paid for by Hoboken taxpayers. The email is in the form of a letter directed to Maureen Sullivan with a footnote critiquing Hoboken411’s “sources”
The letter directed to Maureen Sullivan with a footnote of criticism calling Hoboken411 “a waste of time” elicits the unhinged epithet from Perry Klaussen to Lane Bajardi.
A true and complete email follows with only the name of the BoE trustee removed.

Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 5:27 PM

To: Lane Bajardi <>

Subject: Fw: response to Maureen and footnote for 411

Fyi what an angry cunt

Sent from Hoboken, NJ or perhaps elsewhere in the world…

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 17:17:07 -0500To: <>

Subject: response to Maureen and footnote for 411


A friend’s daughter who apparently frequents 411 briefed me on some things that appear to be submitted by you. FOR THE RECORD….I NEVER went on any JUNKET….As the representative for NSBA I thought it
would benefit our district for me to attend. FOR THE RECORD….the cost to the district would have been minimal approximately $300…. I was using my own air miles and rather than incur the cost of the

conference hotels I searched and found lodging for half the price of NSBA hotels.
You should have given me the benefit of the doubt to reach out to me and I would have clarified your misconception.

FOR THE RECORD….as the NJSBA legislative committee member for the past 5 years, I have traveled on SATURDAYS to attend the meetings in TRENTON. Never once did I submit a gas receipt or toll cost….which is allowed.Perhaps you should do the math and come up with an estimate of what I DID NOT COST THE TAX PAYERS.

With regard to this trip……I also intended to use my personal reward points etc to keep the cost minimal
There has been NO PURCHASE of ANY train ticket as my means of travel. A car rental could be an option with my points .

I have NEVER abused my position as a Board Trustee and I am disappointed that you would submit posts that would give the public reason to believe differently.


*A “XXXXXX” Footnote: Here’s a reason why I consider visiting your site a waste of time…YOUR SOURCES are not reliable…My true Allies continue to support and encourage me to run and I have every intention of doing so. 
Councilwoman Beth Mason’s “favorite newsite” Hoboken411, is revealed in a series of problematic emails publicly released since Bajardi v Pincus as acting much like her friend “not paid for friendship” Lane Bajardi in political operations against the people of Hoboken.

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