Beth Mason: stolen emails out of mayor’s office ‘legally obtained’

Beth Mason declares emails stolen from mayor obtained legally

At the City Council meeting Wednesday night, an innocous $200 bill submitted by the mayor for work in her official capacity led to a wild claim issued by Councilwoman Beth Mason about the mayor’s stolen emails.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano inquired why the City should pay the bill and was told it related to a subpoena the mayor received in her professional capacity. The bill was for a transcript portion in the Bajardi v Pincus civil litigation thrown out of court last month. The mayor was set to testify about her stolen emails the same day the long running case was tossed.

Castellano bitterly refused to accept the limited explanation and Beth Mason followed interjecting that the stolen emails obtained out of the mayor’s office were perfectly legal via an open public records request.

Did Beth Mason say which stolen mayor’s emails were obtained legally?

Was Beth Mason referring to the stolen emails found in Lane Bajardi’s email account as stated by the judge in the Bajardi v Pincus case or the 60,000 emails her “business partner” and political operative James Barracato said he was getting between the hospital board and Mayor Zimmer?

Both questions require an answer except you’ll never see that happen at the Hudson Reporter / Hoboken411! The Mason Media Complex will protect Beth Mason, even from herself.

Word on the street says sniper kitty Milo was recruited to keep lookout
perched atop City Hall to fend off Beth Mason’s political operatives from
further looting of emails out of the mayor’s office.
Beth Mason claimed Wednesday the mayor’s stolen emails were legally obtained.
MSV will be providing the exclusive story on the latest breaking Beth Mason scandal.

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