Hoboken Voting Problem? – You can always vote by Provisional Ballot

There’s been a couple of voting problem reports out; one incorrect but one very problematic. 

MSV is getting reports the poll workers at the Multi-Service Center are incorrectly sending people to 220 Adams St.  People don’t have time to chase their tail and go to the wrong place to vote.

Hudson County election officials are instructing the poll workers correctly voters have the absolute right to vote on a PROVISIONAL BALLOT if they go to a polling station and are told they are not able to vote there for any reason.

For any reason.

So if you are short on time and don’t believe the information is correct, demand a provisional ballot and by law, the poll worker must issue you one.

You can then vote on the entire ballot in Hoboken.

The law applies to state voters anywhere in New Jersey but you wouldn’t have the ability to vote on the local issues in that circumstance.

Hoboken High School earlier this morning.  It’s all smiles here and everything has been good to go in the 3-5.

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