Hoboken Volunteer Army assembles again today, meals on wheels, more power

Hoboken’s army of volunteers awaits as a truck arrives last night with MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)

 The latest in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Hoboken:

The reports additional power in the am –
Power on 4th between Washington & Bloom – 600 & 700 Block of Madison St.,
6th at Adams – 7th 8th to 9th at Adams & Grand & Jefferson.

The City of Hoboken notes the needed supplies: ALL donations to High School. NONE to City Hall: Flashlights & D
batteries (no candles), baby formula, baby food, baby & adult
diapers, blankets, toiletries & non-perishable food.

No water or clothing. No glass donations. ALL to High School. Not City Hall.

The Elks Club up on 10th and Washington will be serving food to the community all day today.  Everyone is welcome.  

City Hall is the rallying point again today for volunteers.  The mayor notes in an early morning twitter: as long as there is power out anywhere in Hoboken, volunteers are needed.

Hoboken power in the dark.  Dozens of volunteers built a chain 250 feet long! 

The mayor adds, “Need as many volunteers as possible today.”  There’s a lot to do with much of Hoboken without power.  “Go to City Hall and they’ll give you a task.”

Need to bring backpacks and carts.  GO ANYTIME YOU CAN!

You could help on site at City Hall or deliver needed meals and supplies to residents, etc.
And you will never be forgotten…

Next community update from Mayor Zimmer is 2:00 pm in front of City Hall.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer arrived on the scene and was briefed on the effort.
A mountain of MREs is visible in the background at Hoboken High School

Talking Ed Note:  Yet another impressive display of Hoboken volunteerism.  The folks were great and focused on getting the job done unloading three huge trailers of MREs. Most of the work was done with little to no light although some light was rigged later (seen below).

Pause in the chain.  Three huge trailers were unloaded with dozens of pallets.  A fine effort all around.
Da Horsey joined in for most of the effort and was impressed with the single-minded camaraderie.

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