Hoboken facing biggest mobilization challenge to date in Sandy aftermath

Hoboken having beaten back the surge from Hurricane Sandy is mostly without power posing new dangers with falling temperatures.  The City is asking for any volunteers to come to City Hall and anything you can do will make a big difference.

There’s a number of residents low on money, food and of course heat.  Yesterday, Da Horsey took blankets to the High School before assisting with unloading a huge shipment of MREs (meals on wheels).  Reports from local food vendors say people are running out of money and have no place to cash a check.

ATMs have been set up on Observer and Washington and the corner of 4th and Hudson.  Asked yesterday how long the ATM would be available, the gentleman there said “until the cash runs out.”

The City believes some banks will be opening and have listed Point of Distribution Food & Supply stations open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm:

76 Bloomfield Street, First and Jackson Street, 222 Adams Street, 5th and Park, 9th and Jefferson, Fox Hill (13th and Willow).

A pause in the action last night with space added in Hoboken High School for the enormous delivery of MREs (Meal Ready to Eat).  Today the challenges for the City grow.  Stand up and be counted at Hoboken City Hall.

Talking Ed Note: We’re seeing improved cell phone coverage (AT&T) finally and also more people coming back to MSV local meaning there’s some improved power but not enough.

For emergency medical care call: (201) 420-2100.

General City emergency number is (201) 239-6644.

Gas problem: 1-800-GAS-LEAK

A food truck will reportedly be in Church Square Park today: 12 – 4:00.

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