Hoboken third slate chatter and a vandalism penalty for not supporting Vision 20/20

Second woman Hoboken activist claims victimization for not supporting Vision 20/20

The Pupie Power slate remains unofficially up in the air but the rumors of a woman candidate is a back and forth affair, at least for one choice.

Patricia Waiters at a council meeting.
Yet another victim of Vision 20/20?

Patricia Waiters like Pupie a perennial candidate is out collecting signatures for mayor and council-at-large.  While she was initially unsure which office she’d choose to officially run, she’s made it clear it would be as an independent and leaning to run for council.

Not only is Waiters standing aside of the Pupie slate with Timmy Occhipinti rumored as the figurehead atop and a council-at-large slate of Frank “Pupie” Raia, possibly Jamie Cryan or another Raia acolyte with the clock ticking down to the filing the someone to be named later.  Hey, how’s the mutz today?

Augie Torres at the Jersey Journal wrote a rare column focused on Hoboken recently and a third slate clearly dancing to a Cryan jig where the odd figure of Hoboken’s electorate being 50% undecided was floated.

The truth is no one believes the political lines strewn about this close to an election filing deadline. Posturing is the normal course of business with Hoboken elections and the odd suggestion Cryan was merely taking out petitions should Timmy Occhipinti decide to run for mayor is more of the same.

Neither Cryan nor Occhipinti decide any such weighty matters as neither has the ability, support or funding to do so.

If Raia’s money gets in with a full slate and is matched with matching funds of 250K or thereabouts from the Mason family, Hoboken’s grass roots campaign to take the battle to every inch of the mile square will be an all out war zone.

The Ramos campaign is dreading such an outcome and is sitting by seeing their campaign more than a little frozen as a result.  The cry weeks back about getting in or just shut up about a third slate in an Al Sullivan column was leveled with the hope of seeing it go away.  Fund raising, support and organization are not going to leap forward with big money and significant political support weighing on the sidelines.

The Ramos campaign already struggling to get traction among any Hoboken voting bloc is reeling with the news of his fellow Vision 20/20 friend Carmelo Garcia and his secret Rat Tapes transcript getting out.  The last thing they need is a big money slate underwritten by Raia getting in.  For all intents and purposes, the Ramos acolytes are on death row awaiting a date with the grim reaper.  Raia himself hasn’t shown any public moves while Occhipinti and Cryan were seen the other evening collecting petitions in the fourth ward.

Vision 20/20 ugly

In a chance encounter uptown, Patricia Waiters told Da Horsey she has NEVER supported Carmelo Garcia’s Vision 20/20 redevelopment concept.  She marveled how MSV had seen the truth on what was going on “from the beginning,” and wanted to know how it was pegged.  (Just watch their lips move Pat.)

She reported that at the last City Council meeting she attended where she spoke on an issue unrelated to  Vision 20/20, she was later berated by Carmelitos in attendance angry she did not “defend Carmelo.”

The next day Waiters claims two of her car’s tires were destroyed.  She has a receipt for the replacements and promises to get a copy for MSV.  She all but pointed the finger at a known Mason thug political operative on the Mason “Civic” payroll.

Waiters also stated the spin from the Carmelo Garcia crowd was that the mayor’s husband had invited him to lunch.  Told the invite among the troika attending was sought out by Carmelo Garcia who clearly orchestrated his own Garcia recording production on his person, she laughed and realized that she was earwitness to another ruse.

Another HHA activist opposing Carmelo Garcia’s Vision 20/20 continues to allege she’s at the center of numerous threats, intimidation, vandalism and attempted break-ins into her apartment with new allegations they’ve now occurred with her at home.

The repeated break-ins show small acts of burglary of papers and small items taken.  Is the intent not burglary but seeking to obtain papers or plant drugs to see Coco evicted?  Suffering from a pulmonary condition, Coco doesn’t smoke, drink or use any drugs not prescribed by a doctor.  Documents related to her rent payments and lease are not kept in the apartment as that’s been determined as a target for another possible “set up.”

Who would possibly be behind such an attempted set-up?

Vandalized gas tank leaking in the HHA’s parking lot.
Who would do such a thing to Jessica Coco’s car?
The insistent harassment, intimidation and break-ins to her apartment
are alleged to be continuing and escalating with her even inside.
Are Garcia’s HHA workers busy or what?

In a comment on Grafix Avenger, Jessica Coco said in part:

My apt is not secure. They even try to break-in when I’m home. They repeatedly damage my minivan. I get threats constantly….maintenance men are paid to watch every step. I get followed throughout town.

Reading this transcript online, am I’m supposed to believe Mr. Garcia believes in God? None of the actions I experience seem Godly to me. Particularly his backing of Vision 2020…

Talking Ed Note: As for powers unseen, would Carmelo Garcia describe these alleged actions as ones by a landlord supported by God or Satan?  Is a vandalized ruptured gas tank which could easily catch on fire in the HHA parking lot symbolic enough of an answer for you?

Feel free to put your answer on your little tape recorder Mr. Garcia.

Gas tank vandalism photo courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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