A Rat Confessional: conversations with God from the can

You don’t have to go to France for the theater of the absurd although Camus would certainly appreciate whatever royalties come if you buy some of his work and Samuel Beckett would feel likewise as you are about to wish you were merely “Waiting for Godot,” instead of waiting for a different delivery system to complete.

Enough of the literary references, Da Horsey is not about trying to impress you with horsey literary prowess or being a show horse; we’re all about the finish line.
So with that comes the latest excerpt from the Carmelo Garcia Rat Tapes.  Enter the theatre of the absurd in the can at Jack Dempsey’s restaurant in midtown Manhattan.  A place where Mr. Carmelo decides it’s a good time to speak to both God and his tape recorder where he concludes his performance has been Grade A and the Lord must be equally pleased.
Isn’t God always on the side of rats?  Is there an 11th commandment saying, “Thou shall betray and record others to set them up and rat them out later for personal gain?”
In the Carmelo Garcia moral universe, apparently there is.  If it’s good for Carmelo Garcia.
Carmelo Garcia has a little conversation with God with the tape rolling.
If someone looks to rotate an auditor or legal counsel against his wishes, that apparently constitutes
a “hostile work environment.”
Grafix Avenger who has the latest excerpt in the Carmelo Garcia Rat Tapes riffs off the megalomania evident here and the continued CURRENT harassment and intimidation tactics being deployed against HHA activist Jessica Coco.
Excuse me Mr. Garcia, but are the alleged HHA employees behind some of these alleged actions creating something akin to a hostile living environment?
What would God have to say about that?
Here’s the latest tape revelation from Grafix Avenger:

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