Hoboken Proud BoE slate makes their case

Official release:

Election Day is fast approaching!  We have been actively campaigning at soccer fields, community festivals, schools and all around town talking to residents about our desire to give back to our community.  We are passionate that strong schools and a strong community go hand in hand.  As longtime residents and parents of children who attend district schools, we feel that the Hoboken Public School District has what it takes to be our communities’ No. 1 choice.  We have included some information below on why we think you should vote 5-6-7 and what makes us Hoboken Proud!

Why Vote 5-6-7!

  • We have a combined 50 years of leadership experience in finance, accounting and internal auditing.
  • Our children all attend the Hoboken Public School District, so we know first-hand about the progress, innovative programs, great teachers and administrators. 
  • Our mission is to raise awareness of the great things happening across the district today and we will work with the administration on further enhancing education in Hoboken.
  • We believe that supporting Dr. Christine Johnson means supporting her with our words and our actions.  We will work constructively with the superintendent and the business administrator to build a fiscally responsible budget that will support district students, teachers, administrators, and facilities.  
  • Our commitment to the district speaks for itself.  Sharyn, serving on the board for the last three years, has displayed through her actions and voting record her wholehearted support for the students, teachers and administration of the district.  Chetali serving as PTO officer for the last three years and Melanie’s active volunteerism in school PTO efforts and leadership over the fundraising committee for ad sales for K-12 theater program exemplify their dedication to Hoboken’s children in time and energy.  They both having been regularly attending the BOE meetings for the past three years.  They are eager to take their involvement to the next level.  
What does it mean to be “Hoboken Proud”?
  • We are passionate about our Hoboken Community and deeply committed to the town.  We are proud of the Hoboken District schools and all they have to offer our children
  • Our motivation to become board members is based on our own positive experiences in the district. Plain and simple. This is not a stepping stone to a future in politics, this is a stepping stone to making our district schools Hoboken’s No. 1 choice. 
  • Each of us attended public school for our own primary and secondary education.  We believe that strong public education is the backbone of our society and critical to the success of our community and country.  High-quality public education is the great equalizer, giving every child the opportunity to learn and succeed.
  • We appreciate all the diverse educational options that Hoboken offers to families and we respect parents’ decisions about the school that best meets their family’s needs. Be it charter, parochial, private, or the Hoboken Public School District, each offers a unique approach and contributes to the vibrancy of Hoboken.      

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