Anju Starace on Ravi Bhalla: ‘Leaders unite they don’t divide’

The following are excerpts of a letter appearing on Hudson County View from Anju Starace wife of council at-large candidate Sal Starace.

With each successive mailer from Ravi Bhalla I become a little sadder. It astonishes me that someone who shared the same experiences I have faced of being judged based on color would run this type of campaign.

Does he think so little of the voters of Hoboken that he believes this will help him get elected? Does he think so little of himself that he is willing to stir up hatred and divisiveness and partisanship just to advance his own ambitions?
Jen Giattino has been my dearest friend in Hoboken for more than a decade. She is godmother to my youngest daughter and our kids have grown up like siblings. The Jen I know unites people she doesn’t divide them.
Facebook photo of Sal and Anju Starace
For the entire letter, please see Hudson County View:

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