Hoboken flooding – hope is in sight: Das Pump set to rock for middle October

Here’s the latest communication from the NHSA on the Wet Weather Pump under construction downtown.  This solution is highly anticipated and is working through some complications on clearing tubes connecting to the pumping station to pump out the water.   A key timeline is completing at least one of two by October with insertion of linings.  The work is hard and needs to be completed on delicate piping manually.  It’s pretty rough going from the sounds of it and another crew is being added to push it ahead.

If this plan continues along the proposed timeline, some much needed relief will come online by the middle of October with the other half early to middle next year.

The document is a memo to the NHSA Chairman Richard Wolfe.
For more, see the NHSA site:


Status of H1 Screening and Wet Weather Pump Station

TO: Richard Wolff/Chairman/North Hudson Sewerage Authority
COPIES: North Hudson Sewerage Authority Board of Commissioners
FROM: Michael Wilson, P.E., Project Manager, CH2M HILL
DATE: August 15, 2011

Chairman Wolff:

As requested, we are providing the monthly update regarding the progress of
construction of the H1 Screening and Wet Weather Pump Station project. This update
is for work that took place during the month of July 2011.

The contractor’s most recent progress schedule is dated August 10, 2011. The progress
schedule reflects continued completion of the few remaining elements of work
associated with the pump station and electric building, as well as continued startup of
new equipment and systems. Significant cleaning and inspection work on the western
pipeline was achieved during the month, and activation of the west pump and western
pipeline is still anticipated for the fall 2011. As noted previously, activation of the
western pump and pipeline is contingent upon timely completion of the pipeline
restoration work. Section C provides a comprehensive schedule narrative and
commentary. The following is a summary of important project issues, milestones
achieved, and the most recent estimate of the project schedule: 

A. Important Project Issues 

1. Outfall Rehabilitation and Extension: As noted in previous monthly
reports, completion of the permanent rehabilitation of the existing outfalls is
required for operation of the pump station. This is the most complex portion
of the project, and it continues to impact the schedule for placing the pump
station into operation. During this reporting period the contractor began full-
scale cleaning and inspection work in the western pipeline. Initially, the
cleaning and inspection work progressed well, with few impediments to the
progress of the work. As the contractor neared the middle reach of the
pipeline they encountered areas where the solid deposition material was
extremely difficult to remove, which considerably slowed the pace of work.
Following our request starting the week of August 15th the cleaning
contractor will mobilize a second cleaning crew to increase productivity and
progress the cleaning work on the western outfall pipeline at a faster rate. 

  1. MilestonesAchieved 

    1. In the Pump Station – the Contractor completed installing the stainless steel
      access ladders. They also poured the structural concrete for the influent
      channel slab and walls of the new chamber that completes the connection
      between the H1 Regulator and the new pump station. They placed flowable
      fill up to the springline of the exterior ductile iron CSO gravity piping and
      they placed and compacted select fill around previously installed sections of
      exterior ductile iron CSO piping. They also performed a successful
      hydrostatic leakage test on the western interior and exterior storm piping. 

    2. At the Electrical Building – the Contractor completed installing the 4-inch
      roof drain utility piping, and they installed the emergency generator fuel tank
      vent pipe. The Contractor continued to complete the site restoration around
      the building; they installed bollards on the east and west sides of the
      building, poured the new concrete curbs, and re-installed NJ Transit’s fence.
      The CSO bar screen manufacturer (PW Tech) performed functional testing for
      the two new mechanical bar screens on July 6-7, and the emergency generator
      manufacturer (Cummins Power Systems) conducted the performance test for
      the emergency generator, automatic transfer switch, and the electrical load
      bank on July 13-14. Verizon installed the telephone service wires to the
      building on July 15. 

    3. No further work was performed at the CSO pipe extension location.
      Completion of the restoration work in this area will begin upon completion of
      the cleaning and lining activities on the CSO pipelines. 

  2. With regard to the cleaning and rehabilitation of the existing CSO pipelines; the
    contractor re-mobilized to the project site on July 5, 2011 to resume cleaning and
    inspection of the western outfall pipeline by means of direct worker entry and
    hand cleaning to remove the hardened material from within the pipeline. From
    their first day of cleaning work, July 6, through August 2, approximately 315 LF
    of the cast iron section of the western pipeline was cleaned; this is approximately
    50% of the pipeline. The cleaning contractor is adding an additional crew on the
    pipeline to accelerate the work the week of August 15th, 2011 to increase the
    manpower on the project and allow the work to progress faster.

D. Current Project Schedule

The contractor’s latest project schedule on hand is dated August 10, 2011. We
expect an update to the progress schedule during the first full week of
September, 2011.

Important observations from the most recent project schedule include the

1. Work at the Pump Station was primarily focused on constructing the new
channel between the H1 Regulator and the pump station, completing
miscellaneous work items, and beginning the equipment testing phase. It is 

anticipated that the contractor will complete construction of the H1 Regulator
channel, and continue with startup and testing activities.

  1. Work at the Electric Building was mostly related to startup and testing of new
    equipment, completion of miscellaneous work items, and site restoration. As
    anticipated, with electric power made available to the building in late June,
    the Contractor was able to proceed with startup and testing activities; they
    tested the emergency generator, automatic transfer switch and electric load

    It is anticipated that the Contractor will continue with startup and testing
    activities, including; the HVAC systems, Variable Frequency Drives for the
    storm pumps, and the pump control system. Verizon was requested to
    complete the telephone system installation; however, with the current strike
    by Verizon we are unable to predict when that utility work will be finished.
    Related to the phone line installation, startup and testing of the fire alarm and
    sprinkler system cannot be completed until the phone lines are installed and
    operational. The exterior copper façade rain screen, which is an architectural
    element of the building, is in fabrication. Installation of the rain screen will be
    coordinated with the completion of the site restoration work and a planned
    utility power outage; this is required because installation of the rain screen is
    within 10 feet of the power utility’s aerial high voltage conductors. The rain
    screen installation is scheduled for September, 2011; however, is contingent
    upon completing critical items of work prior to initiating a sustained utility
    power outage to the Electric Building.

  2. As noted in prior month’s reports, the schedule continues to show the
    pipeline cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation activities lie in the critical
    path to activate the new pumps. The contractor performed full-scale cleaning
    during July; they completed approximately 50% of the western pipeline
    cleaning work. The most recent schedule predicts full-scale cleaning will take
    place through August 23, 2011.

    Cleaning will be followed by a comprehensive inspection of the pipeline, then
    lining of the pipeline. CH2M HILL had a meeting with the contractor on
    August 3rd, 2011 to expedite the procurement of the lining material for the
    outfall. The meeting was productive and a lining system was selected. The
    contractor was instructed to prepare formal shop drawings and calculations
    for engineering review and approval.

    Based on the addition of a second crew to expedite the cleaning of the
    western outfall the lining work is scheduled to be completed by October 7th,
    2011. This will allow the facility to be put into operation the week of October
    15th, 2011.

  3. As noted in last month’s report, start-up of the H1 pump station and electric
    building requires completion of the Electric Building and Pump Station, as
    well as complete rehabilitation of at least one pipeline and connection of the

pipeline to the pump station discharge piping and the outfall extension. The
addition of the second cleaning crew to expedite the western outfall cleaning
is projected to allow the startup of the pump station by October 15th, 2011.
Maintaining this schedule requires the pipeline cleaning to progress
concurrently with procurement of the lining materials.

Based on currently available information, the startup and testing of the H1
Screening and Wet Weather Pump Station is anticipated for the month of
October 2011. The latest schedule is presented in Table 1. 

Table 1
Contractor’s August 10, 2011 Project Schedule and Project Milestones

of Twin
Complete and
Extended to
Long Slip
Startup and
October 7th,

(Note 1)
June 30,
October 15th,
(Note 2)
February 16,

(Note 3)

  1. Based on the addition of a second pipeline cleaning crew, the scheduled date for
    completion of the rehabilitation of the West pipeline is October 7th, 2011. In
    order to accelerate the startup and testing of the pump station, the contractor’s is
    adding a second pipeline cleaning crew and his schedule indicates startup
    immediately following completion of work on only the West pipeline.
    Constructing the project in this manner requires that cleaning, inspection and
    rehabilitation of the East pipeline occur following startup of the west pump and
    west pipeline. Completion of the restoration of the East pipeline is predicted for
    January 4, 2012.

  2. During the month of August, 2011, it is anticipated that the contractor will
    complete the variable frequency pump testing and complete startup activities on
    all equipment and systems that do not require the pumping of CSO overflow
    through the existing pipeline(s). Startup and activation of the west CSO pump
    will take place upon completion of the rehabilitation of the western pipeline, and
    connection of the rehabilitated pipeline to the installed pump station
    underground discharge piping.

  3. Project Substantial Completion is predicted for February 16, 2012. Completion of
    project construction punch-list work is predicted for March 15, 2012 and Final
    Completion is predicted for May 11, 2012.
Project Photos
Electrical Building – North Elevation with Rain Screen Framing in Place

Electrical Building – West and South Building Elevations and Site Restoration

Electrical Building – West Side – Utility Transformer and Site Restoration

Pump Station – Connection to Existing H1 Regulator (Regulator in Foreground)
Pump Station – Interior – 36-Inch Pump Discharge Pipeline and Check Valve

Outfall Rehabilitation – Cleaning Operation – Existing Western CSO Pipeline

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