Hillary Clinton nomination met with walkout protest by hundreds of delegates

Hundreds of Bernie Sanders delegates stage historic walkout during roll call of Hillary Clinton’s nomination

Based on an onsite news report, hundreds of delegates for Bernie Sanders organized a protest walking out on the Democratic National Convention last night in Philadelphia.

While most of the media focused on the official roll call nomination of Hillary Clinton, hundreds of delegates quietly used word of mouth, Facebook and other means to stage a walkout during the actual live roll call vote.

From the story:

The delegates protested outside the convention hall then staged a sit-in on the media area with police intervention:

The several hundred delegates stormed out of the convention hall before quietly sitting down and occupying the press tent, aware of how to maximize their leverage. Police surrounded the tent, and refused to let anyone in or out until the situation was resolved.

The renegade delegates explained how they pulled off the walkout protest:

One delegate, Dennis Slotnick described the moment saying, “I didn’t know it would happen when the roll call voting began.”

Talking Ed Note:The full story on the walkout during the roll call:
Someone who’s media status is apparently not credentialed took footage of the scene later. In the background you can hear Hillary Clinton speaking from the telescreen as video shows hundreds of empty delegate seats and allegedly a good chunk of the California delegation.

It adds quite an Orwellian hue to the “official” eMedia narrative.


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