Democrat convention star: Wikileaks emails

Wikileaks DNC email revelations prove costly in Sanders supporters blowback

You can’t dress up an email and have it dance around a guarded walled off stage but if you could…
Hillary Clinton certainly wouldn’t but had to live with it even as she appeared on 60 minutes over the weekend denying any knowledge about the Wikileaks DNC emails.

The email revelations or at least some of them began appearing on a Bernie Sanders Reddit page from among approximately 20,000. Staffers contemplated using Sanders religion or was it his alleged lack of belief to southern Democrats among other less than comforting political strategies to see him undone.

The Sanders supporters were not soothed as their day of rage was felt throughout, both inside and outside the convention center. NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd called the day “a mess” and protests began at breakfast. First, the DNC chair Debbie what’s her name was blasted by Democrat delegates at a breakfast and after being booed repeatedly had to have security escort her through a side exit. She was fired at convention’s end and then immediately hired by Hillary Clinton. There must be a message there on being rewarded for your dirty work but most of the eMedia avoided it.

Bernie Sanders at an early appearance tried to tell a crowd they needed to vote for Hillary Clinton. They booed vociferously. It was Booing Night Out at the Democrat convention and nothing would assuage the outrage. Here’s Bernie Sanders’ first appearance at the convention and his attempt to get voters to support Hillary Clinton.

One unconfirmed report claims Sanders traded a Hillary Clinton endorsement for a campaign plane with staff, party platform planks (paid for courtesy of the DNC) and a Tuesday night convention speaking spot. His campaign hasn’t denied the memo detailing it.

Up next at the boo birds convention: Nancy Pelosi. Then the actual convention proceedings with the mention of Hillary Clinton interrupting the first speaker who mutely stood by as the boos rained down on her head.

It was only the beginning. The catcalls continued raining down on other speakers. On the receiving end, TV actress Eva Longoria who said Texas belongs to Mexico which didn’t see complaint but her urging votes for Hillary Clinton did. Senator Elizabeth Warren unleashed a torrent of attacks on Donald Trump but the crowd chanted at one point its disapproval with “We trusted you!” One heckler screamed Warren had betrayed them for a “bowl of porridge.” More chants followed with “Goldman Sachs” not one she probably enjoyed.

Michelle Obama gave the best received speech and included some odd remarks about slaves building the White House. Besides that being a surprise to the actual builders and artisans, many of Scottish and Irish heritage, painters did include slaves and were reportedly paid paltry wages. Echoes of real present day slave labor employment pay encouraged across the border doing sizable damage to black and Hispanic workers. No one will address the real impact on one side of the aisle.

Reports Bernie Sanders signs were being taken away led to some nifty alterations to astroturf signs handed out.

A delegate makes her true message known changing the platitude of her sign reading
“Stronger Together” to “Stop Her.”

More than a few delegates opted for silent protests using tape over their mouths with the message,
#Silenced by DNC.
More delegate sign alteration with “Stop Her” message combined with “Trump’s going to win.”

Thursday night should prove interesting.

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