HHA Chair Dana Wefer blasts Carmelo Garcia lawsuit as “completely frivolous” “meritless lawsuit” points to “dozen more issues uncovered” and “budget overrun”

Hoboken Housing Authority Chairwoman Dana Wefer statement on Carmelo Garcia’s latest lawsuit

Mr. Garcia’s lawsuit, his fourth attempt at relitigating the same issues that have already been dismissed by the court, is completely frivolous and meant to harass the authority and volunteer commissioners.  

The public record leading up to Mr. Garcia’s termination, including an independent audit that found $3 million in unlawful procurement, a HUD procurement review that found more than $3 million was doled out to contractors improperly by Mr. Garcia, and a budget overrun of more than $2 million just last year, speaks for itself.  The Hoboken Housing Authority is focused on recovering from Mr. Garcia’s tenure at the authority and is working to implement new programs to get the authority back on its feet.  These facts and more than a dozen more issues that have been uncovered since Mr. Garcia’s termination make clear that the termination was wholly justified and the only responsible action for the Board to take.

It is unfortunate that the authority must devote resources and energy to fighting this meritless lawsuit at the same time that we are trying to recover from the mess that was left behind, but the authority will vigorously defend itself against this frivolity, let the facts speak for themselves, and continue to focus on recovery.  Any causes of action that the authority has against Mr. Garcia will be aggressively pursued.  

HHA Chair Dana Wefer came out blasting Carmelo Garcia
after his latest lawsuit citing over a dozen more “issues”
uncovered in the agency since his termination last August. 

Carmelo Garcia’s attorney, Louis Zayas of “ethnic cleansing” infamy reportedly stepped away from the party this week in Atlantic City offering a statement after Wefer’s.

As stated on the Hudson County View, Zayas attempted to tie Garcia to another client of his, former Public Safety Director Angel Alicea who has a million dollar jury award locked up in an appeal saying in part:

“Zimmer and Wefer’s self-serving statements of denial will be disproven in front of a jury in the very near future. We will seek punitive damages and go after their personal resources, not taxpayer’s money. We intend to prosecute Zimmer, Wefer and Mello and make them personally liable for the wrongdoing they have committed against Mr. Garcia.”
Talking Ed Note: MSV is straying from its protocol in this updated continuous war of words. The notable threat here is the personal move to “go after…. personal resources.”
This is an Old Guard tactic spearheaded by Carmelo Garcia ally Beth Mason in the 2012 SLAPP suit where the Hudson Reporter enthusiastically gushed more than a dozen Hoboken residents faced individual judgements of $2,000,000 each.
The tactic is repeated here and MSV will have more on this lawsuit which is less a civil suit than a failed political treatise.
As the words fly, the Feds are lying in the weeds and a special counsel recently appointed by the Hoboken Housing Authority is not far away either.

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