Carmelo Garcia & his third lawsuit against Mayor Zimmer, City of Hoboken, Hoboken Housing Authority and its Board of commissioners

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Update 6:59 pm – And we’re back. In one of the rarest moments in MSV’s five plus years, national servers went down taking out the MSV domain for a short spell. Yes, it was scary and came minutes after this complete lawsuit was published proving the dark netherworlds of evil look out after their own.

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Talking Ed Note: MSV is digesting this latest pile of fabrications from Carmelo Garcia and his attorney. The lack of substance in the reckless and baseless charges is hilarious and entertaining on many levels.

First, if Mayor Dawn Zimmer moved to Hoboken so she and her family could make it a “white” city and that was her objective why did Garcia see his contact terminated in August 2014 when she’s been mayor since 2009?

If Mayor Zimmer’s objective was to replace Hoboken with her own “New Guard” as alleged, why was Carmelo Garcia sitting in the position as HHA Executive Director five years later? The mayor has no vote on an HHA contract and in retrospect the HHA Board took longer than it should to terminate the agreement.

It’s only the beginning of what will be a thorough dissection of this latest filing from Hoboken’s Ethic Cleanser Carmelo Garcia.

MSV unlike in Garcia’s second lawsuit was not named this time only referenced as being part of his alleged “conspiracy.” The portion where Garcia alleges he uncovered corruption is a particularly humorous touch considering the revelations since his first lawsuit was filed last year where:

a) Garcia was caught taking thousands of dollars from vendors who he gave unauthorized payments as reported exclusively here last May.
b) HUD came out with a withering report “obliterating” his procurement conduct in August.
c) Garcia’s own auditors ripped to shreds his actions in their report last July.
d) Federal investigations are ongoing in the HHA as revealed mere days ago.

We’d love to hear a statement pending an arrest is all we’ll say for now.

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