Hey FinBoy, Copy this!

As most people are stretching out the final day of a holiday weekend, Grafix Avenger is already back to work or is it play with a new satirical story penned by Weehawken’s favored Hoboken non-resident at the Hudson Reporter – FinBoy.

We’re not sure what moniker Weehawken residents go by for the former member of Mayor Richard Turner’s administration who has long hitched his political operative services to the bottomless checkbook across the way with Beth Mason’s rise or as is the case today, demise.
It’s going to be a slow, torturous ride down for a lot of folks on the Mason payroll and they are legion with a crew at Union City Municipal Court last week.  The problem for FinBoy is everyone gets a first row view of the filthy defamatory operation he concocted with Beth Mason at the Hudson Reporter and it’s reached the Anti-Defamation League.
Beth Mason thought her paid political operative James Barracato would
settle some vindictive scores by having the Hudson Reporter do a
hit job on Grafix Avenger and MSV.  Instead they and their underhanded
methods have been exposed from Hoboken to the ADL.

Now almost two years old, this satirical cartoon only gets more insightful over time. So for the thousands of new readers since, here is the original smash hit in its full 10 minute hilarity, the James B and Bet Mazin love story “Downfall of a wannabe shark.”


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