Beth Mason’s paid hatchet man James Barracato gets his pound of flesh

On Tuesday MSV will highlight weekend stories at the Mason Distorter, more commonly known as the Hudson Reporter.  It’s what they don’t say you’ll find most fascinating.

As MSV’s been tracking this for weeks, the rumor Grafix Avenger would become the target of a Mason paid political operative proved out.  Last Da Horsey heard, Councilwoman Beth Mason’s henchmen lives in Weehawken, and never has lived in Hoboken.

He sure gets a lot of attention there though doesn’t he.

Of course that not one but two paid political operatives are prominently featured in this weekend’s fish wrap and are on the payroll for Beth Mason is not mentioned anywhere.

Another story (finally) highlighted the upcoming trial alleging harassment of a mother and young daughter – BoE trustee Theresa Minutillo and her five year old daughter noting others who appeared at the Union City Municipal Court in her support.

The Hudson Reporter failed to mention anywhere attendees in Union City municipal court who appeared in support of the alleged defendant,  ALL on the payroll and on the clock in service to Beth Mason.

MSV will fill folks in on the full story there too.

For the fifth consecutive week, Beth Mason has placed a page 3 ad in the Reporter.  Was that a stronger argument to go after Grafix Avenger than the weeks long effort by Beth Mason’s paid purveyor of dirty deeds on behalf of counte$$?

James Barracato aka FinBoy finally got a pound of flesh in an old story from a month back about Beth Mason’s attempts to kill the local hospital appearing on Grafix Avenger.  Or was it all those ads Mason paid for in the last five consecutive weeks with no election in sight?

Have a nice weekend folks and please remember to take time to honor the fallen on Memorial Day who have paid the ultimate price to preserve Our Republic.

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