Here’s the City Council snow job one day early

(Meeting is posted here in its entirety. Very revealing!)

The real snow comes on Tuesday night but tonight Hoboken prepares to be snowed when Beth Mason and Mike Russo team up on their talking points to snow the rest of the city on why they needlessly grandstanded shutting down a temporary budget proposal with one Mikie Squared wrote on the back of a napkin over dinner.

No joke, Mike Russo actually brought a handwritten budget into the City Council, plopped it on to the table and said here’s the one we should vote on.  (It doesn’t add up but he along with Beth Mason and the Council of No Four plus Nino Giacchi insisted everyone do a big circle jerk, drop everything and figure out how to make it work.)

Since it’s election season (again) and they truly believe Hoboken people are a) ignorant b) stupid c) love lying public officials d) all of the above – there’s no reason to believe this won’t be another episode of the Twilight Zone.

Tune in at 8:00 if you can’t be there to see all the fun and politrickin in person, live chat is available here.

Hey, did anyone ever tell Mike Russo what century it is? Even in the late 20th century they had this thing called a computer and something called a spreadsheet where all kinds of financial data was worked on to do things like budgets.

Update post mortem: The Beth Mason-Mike Russo faction was able to push through a temporary budget amendment that will force an emergency budget (unnecessarily) at a later date but this was another bad night for their faction. The public beginning with Scott Siegel took apart their transparent attempt to defend the grandstanding on the budget at the last meeting and shredded it entirely. The public portion at the beginning is worth a close look out of the gate. The whole ruse of forcing these unnecessary wasteful adjustments instead of following the NJ State guidelines on a temporary budget amendment based on the prior year awaiting an audited/finalized one is brought into the light.

The Council passed a temporary underfunded budget of 17.5% and the majority led by Mike Russo refused to logically address why it is doing so. Questions asking for what benefit or savings it brings to the city were ignored and pointedly so. The intentions are clear and obvious – it’s politrickin what they desire even if it puts the city workers payroll at risk.

Beth Mason is caught redhanded attempting to manipulate the speakers list in order to favor her minion, Lane Bajardi of Mason411. Yours truly refused to go along and it was all exposed at the 1:24 mark.  The City Clerk was called upon to show the short list of public speakers revealing the little subterfuge between Beth Mason and Lane Bajardi.

Councilman Nino Giacchi was so rattled by the public’s inquiries on the matter of why the State guidelines on a temporary 90 day budget is being ignored, he obfuscated trying to hold to an apparent agreed party of five line but more importantly he claimed a “memo” was sent to pile on in the questions and comments posed by the public. This was very unusual for Councilman Giacchi to make wild allegations against the public instead of addressing his failure in joining with “the majority.”

Since this junta running things (re: the Mason-Russo faction) operate in this fashion it’s hard for them to believe the public grassroots will rise up and state their mind. There’s significant tells in the bitterness against the public through the course of the short meeting as it’s exposing the intellectual dishonesty on display and the Beth Mason-Lane Bajardi-Hoboken411 operation as never before.

Yes, these are reform minded individuals but it’s clearly messing with their minds. Was curious who would attend the special meeting but was pleased to see accountability brought to bear on the City Council.  They ignored reason pointed out repeatedly to them but howled in pain throughout (especially with cancerous bile pouring out from their little minion).

The public should take note and make a point to speak more. There’s a handful of people who refuse to respect democratic values in a public government meeting. They are losing their grip even while holding a five vote majority and unable to muster anything but a few catcalls. The public should make its voice heard stronger, louder and more often at the front of the City Council leading into the May elections.

Former Councilman Mike Lenz encapsulated perfectly all the budget issues as well as the political machinations of the Beth Mason-Lane Bajardi-Hoboken411 political operations in one fell swoop at the 1:36 mark.

The voices last night of the public were unorganized but it’s very much attuned to the Mason-Russo bad governance.

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