Here comes the ‘show of force’- Mayor says opponents to union should sit it out

Tonight’s meeting promises to amp up the volume in front of the City Council and although Police Chief Falco did a great job of keeping a high level of professionalism among most of the members at the last City Council meeting, tonight’s is showing hints it may fall short.

Based on a Hoboken Now story, Mayor Zimmer is anticipating some heat.  The heat though is not what the police expect as she’s suggested citizens not sympathetic to the police position stay away from the City Council meeting tonight.  The mayor expects the tone to be less than healthy.

An online poll earlier this month, although not scientific was completely opposite to the “vote thousands of times if you want” Hudson Reporter poll.  An earlier Hoboken Journal poll also posted on MSV showed a strong majority in support of the police.

The Jersey Journal online poll results show a sampling of public sentiment. On the question, should the police and fire be exempt from layoffs:

Source: Jersey Journal

The police are thought to be busing in supporters from other police departments to amp up the number of supporters for an overflow area set outside of the City Council Chambers.

Prior to the last City Council meeting, PBA President Vince Lombardi thanked members who came in from other police departments outside of Hoboken.  Tonight they are promising to make a bigger show of force with 500 people.  But there’s no way you can safely get in even half that number.

Talking Ed Note: The police union is not ruling out protests outside the mayor’s home along with her current council majority if layoffs are not rescinded.  The City Council does not have a binding vote on layoffs.

The last and maybe only time a protest in Hoboken was held outside an elected official’s home was on upper Bloomfield last summer.  That came after Peter Cammarano’s arrest and his refusal to resign even with FBI tapes revealing his extortion conspiracy.  Cammarano goes to jail in five days to serve a two year sentence.

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