Beth Mason: applauds not one police layoff but…

Back when many people viewed Councilwoman Mason as the front runner mayoral candidate, she addressed the serious issues of the day.  Yes, it hardly seems possible but it was only last year in 2009 many thought Beth Mason was heading straight to the mayor’s office and not with a visitor’s pass.  One would say tackling the issues of the city and holding serious positions were of the utmost importance to the second ward councilwoman back then.

Beth Mason at her mayoral event last October.  No longer for rightsizing police and fire?  

The current 2nd ward Councilwoman was so serious about facing down the issues the city of Hoboken faced, she more than once used the term rightsizing or in street parlance: downsizing or layoff.  Not only has Beth Mason advocated rightsizing, she even told us where she planned to apply it: police and fire.

Woooooott?  But wasn’t she just applauding her colleague Mikie Squared at the last City Council meeting when he bravely declared he stood for not one police layoff?  Okay, well let’s go to the videotape:

Watch Councilwoman Beth Mason at the 1:15 mark. She applauds along with the audience of police and their supporters at the idea of not laying off a single officer.  Now there’s nothing wrong with taking that position.  There’s plenty of other residents who would like to see no police laid off either, some even taxpayers.  Unfortunately, when trying to change some of the structure of the police force, in this case the top heavy nature it has grown into over many years, union rules “bump” down the reductions so the lowest paid, and the most junior members are the ones who face the chopping block.  This is the meaning and application of the term bumping rules.

But back to the point of our story here, there was another Beth Mason who advocated rightsizing.  Here in her own words:

Where do these words come from?  Beth Mason!  Here’s BM’s complete 2009 mayoral questionnaire to Hoboken Revolt.

Okay, granted politicians are known to be for something until they are caught red handed for the other thing but this is really quite, well the best way to put it; she’s showing a lot of chutzpah!

So the question Da Horsey puts to you, which Beth Mason do you want to believe?
Do you want to believe the Beth Mason who advocated for “rightsizing” police and fire or the new and improved Beth Mason who the following year later is for retaining every police officer on the Hoboken Police Department?

Will the police rally on Hudson Street against Beth Mason when the truth gets out?

Related: By the time of her fall mayoral bid, Beth Mason didn’t want to discuss what she meant by rightsizing.  How does Da Horsey know?  The question was posed after seeing it in her fall platform too right on her own campaign website.

That began her fall run where Beth Mason declined to comment on her own platform.

Which Beth Mason will be showing up tonight: Rightsizing Beth or Grandstanding Beth?

Original Questionnaire:

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