Guest of the Stable: Mr. X – Know your voting rights

The following is a personal account on voting rights from an MSV reader, Mr. X.
This submission is his personal account.

On Election Day 2014, when my wife and I went to vote, we were asked for identification even though we had voted in Hoboken numerous times in the past. There was absolutely no reason why the poll worker should have asked for ID. Attempts to deny people’s right to vote by unnecessarily requiring identification is a common voter suppression tactic. It’s sad that the Old Guard of Hoboken has resorted to such dirty tactics.
Here are two helpful links with information on when you might legitimately need to provide identification and other voting-related information:
If you encounter any suspicious behavior at the polls or blatant voting irregularities, you can report these to the US Department of Justice by phone at (800) 253-3931 or by email: It may also be worth contacting the Hudson County Clerk’s Office:
Stand strong against the forces of corruption. Justice will prevail.

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