BoE trustee Monica Stromwall: Vote for Tom Kluepfel, Sheillah Dallara & Addys Velez – 2, 4, 6

Dear Friends,

Many of you know how much I value and believe in education…it can change the lives of children, families, and communities. Education can provide essential services like meals for children that may go hungry or provide that one child who may find a love of learning and carry on the vocation. Education can spark creativity that may lead to new inventions or bring people and communities together for a greater cause. Education is what can build our communities and strengthen our economy; education is the key to our future.

I implore you, my friends, to help me build a better future for my own children, my friends, and neighbors children by casting your vote with me for: Thomas Kluepfel (2), Sheillah Dallara (4), and Addys Velez (6)

These 3 candidates are dedicated parents, volunteers and believers that Hoboken deserves the very best educational system and will continue with all the progress that has been made!

Please help me by voting tomorrow 2-4-6 and spread the word!

With gratitude,
Monica Stromwall 

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