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A few thoughts for those seeking kinder, gentler reform in the wake of this latest round of council theatre…
I first heard the expression in my early teens from my friend Bruce’s uncle, the cool one who was an inventor and sometimes drove us to concerts in Chicago.  Well, cool to us maybe, not so much to the rest of Bruce’s abundantly self-conscious Swedish immigrant family who thought Keith a ne’er-do-well and a standing reproach to the propriety of the entire clan.  They were tormented by his lack of a ‘real’ profession not to mention a wife, and also by the massive re-imagined peach Chrysler in which he had logged a somehow indecent 200,000 miles.
Describing one of his failed attempts at humor at a family gathering, he told Bruce and me that it went over “like a turd in a punchbowl.”  A what?
I simply could not stop laughing.  Racking, helpless laughter, the kind that makes you need to hold onto something.  Anyone who has read anything of mine knows I have a childish and gratuitous sense of humor.  But I was no match for that one.  A turd in a punchbowl.  The very awfulness of it in the face of all that we associated with punchbowls.  I don’t think my family even had a punchbowl.  Not in our $8000 GI Bill tract house.
Sometime after that incident I remember an interview with the then-edgy young comic Eddie Murphy, who was in the PC cross-hairs for making fun of Stevie Wonder.  He was asked, “How will you know when you’ve gone too far.”  He thought for a moment and said, “Because it won’t be funny.”  Perfect answer. 
This is the baggage I bring to the Hoboken’s prolonged swirl over a graphic depiction of this triumphantly low-brow metaphor during the school board race. 
At the time the graphic was a response to the Real Results ticket kvetching over an elsewise well-received budget reduction that was achieved despite state cut-backs.  Real Results was the proverbial buzz-kill, party-pooper, aka, turd in the punchbowl. 
Let me pause here and ask if anyone didn’t understand that to begin with?  Had you not heard that admittedly coarse turn of phrase before and understood how it was being applied to the case of Real Results (must think of expression other than pooh-poohing…) …dismissing… dismissing the budget feat of Kids First? 
The reason I’m asking is that we allowed that incident be re-defined as something hateful and exploited by a small cadre of agenda-driven Zimmer-hating cynics, figure-headed as always, by Lane Bajardi.  And here we are, later in the same year, sitting back and letting Mr. Bajardi lecture us on human decency, the holocaust, Nazis, and Hitler.  Lane Bajardi.  Lane effing Bajardi.
Had you, at other times in life, felt you needed his moral compass to guide you?  Were you helped by his notion that appointees to non-salaried board positions forfeit their rights to free speech?  You can visit 411 just now and discover that they also forfeit their rights to keep their home address and phone number unpublished.  On the blogs I note the tireless refrain about public officials “being held to a higher standard.”  I haven’t heard a word, though, about GA’s actual performance as a public official.  Should I wait?  Will you need to hear from Mr. Bajardi first before you weigh in?
And to what “higher standard” are we referring?  Is there something more GA should do for the community?  Should she give more time, energy, imagination, or passion?  More gratis support?  Oh, please say – you all seem so certain. 
And didn’t the council seem to welcome Mr. Bajardi’s …guidance.  Perhaps it will become a regular feature.  Maybe we can have a new segment called Saved by Lane, where Mr. Bajardi in flowing clerical robes explains the fine points of upright living to a rapt and shrinking council minority.  What did we ever do without him….  Oh why can’t all websites deal only in truth and the fair treatment of citizens like 411 which has never been thus dragged before the council…
No, I am not my usual jokey self today.   I’m pretty disgusted.  This is about what you’d expect from Bajardi and Mason – ambushes and character assassination.  The breathtaking hypocrisy of Hoboken 411 is likewise a known quantity.  It is up to this lost tribe called reform to expect it and deal with it.  More importantly, it is up to this lost tribe called reform not to let its own be ground into powder for sport by people who lack any ethics beyond what they can get away with from one minute to the next.
This woman gives us her all.  And you sit there behind your desks and judge the font.  Screw you.
I have few ties to reform beyond a shared sense of direction, and this is why when push comes to shove, you’ll let appearances dictate and principles wait.  And cede the floor to two people who care about nothing beyond the appearance of being principled.  And you already knew that.  And still you watched, listened, found ways to agree, committed to look into it more fully later.
Yes, you do that.  Here’s something else you can look into, though you don’t have to. 
I do not have a dime or a calorie of effort to spend on a candidate who does not offer a full-throated denunciation of this attack on Ms Pincus, free speech, and common sense.
My advice to my dear friend was simple.  Mail them a picture of your middle finger and resign.  Hopefully for your sakes, she’s less pissed off than I am. 
Enjoy the punch, I made it special.

Talking Ed Note: InfotainMe is a keen observer of Hoboken’s scene and someone who loves his town but has declined to make available his identity for this guest of the stable piece. As such, his name, address and phone number will not be available for posting/targeting by the boys of hate, Perry Lame at Hoboken411.

The video above is taken from the April BoE meeting where Lane Bajardi first goes jihad on Nancy Pincus. It’s notable this appearance was just a day after the BoE conference at Stevens where people witnessed his surprise assault and robbery of a camera on your host here at MSV.

Sadly, there’s not much respect for the free speech of others.  Note Bajardi’s closing remarks before the cops are called in by the BoE attorney to throw him out: “Congratulations on silencing speech.”

Proving once again, truth is stranger than fiction or in this case hypocrisy.

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