Alleged crimes anticipated for handoff at Board of Elections in Jersey City today

With all the posturing and shilling going on this week to seize control of the Hoboken Zoning Board, it’s easy to forget there’s a big show in Jersey City later today at 4:00.

On tap, the Tim Occhipinti campaign will be facing the music on what is expected to be multiple criminal referrals to the County prosecutor.

MSV believes there is going to be something more than technical difficulties.  At the City Council meeting Monday night, one person very actively working on Tim Occhipinti’s campaign came over complaining about our taking pictures during the meeting saying “I had a bad day.”

Is it connected to what transpires later today?  Horse Sense believes it very well may be.

MSV intends to attend the Wednesday Board of Elections meeting in Jersey City and encourages other concerned Hoboken residents to do so.

When: Wednesday at 4:00 pm

Where: Hudson County Board of Elections, Hudson County Plaza, 257 Cornelison Ave. 4th floor – Jersey City

Why: The subject of fraud in Hoboken’s 4th ward special election earlier this month

For those who can’t attend, MSV plans to tape the entire proceedings.
It will also be broadcast live here.

Above is the video taken of the Tim Occhipinti campaign’s midnight meeting after  word began spreading electoral fraud investigators were seen asking questions earlier that day in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

MSV just saw earlier the video was missing from YouTube and apparently, the Occhipinti people don’t want more people watching it.  So, here it is for your viewing pleasure starring, Tim Occhipinti, Councilman Mike Russo, Michelle “five-dollars-a-tow” Russo, Beth Mason political operative James Barracato of Weehawken aka Fin Boy, campaign manager Jamie Cryan and Lane Bajardi.

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