Grist for the Mill: You could put Michele Russo on ice

There’s still some scuttlebutt out there that Michele Russo’s desired county job is not a done deal and  is more than slightly reversible should some pressure be exerted by the public on Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise.

A call to the County Executive’s office this morning did not confirm knowledge one way or the other.  The offer to send our call to the county communications office was declined.  MSV is awaiting a call back on the issue.

As part of the whispers, people have been concerned the night supervisory position for Michele Russo would provide her access to all kinds of sensitive documents and election materials, but there’s an unconfirmed report she wasn’t planning on spending much time there in Jersey City, night time or otherwise.

Da Horsey is going to make a plea here.  You folks do not know your true strength and have yet to exert it.  If even 10% of you made a call to complain, you would burn up the phone lines.

Will you take a couple of minutes and express yourself in a way that absolutely matters?

Here’s the number to the County Executive’s office. They will transfer you to the personal assistant who is very nice and polite.

Do likewise but be firm.   Lodge your concern and stop this now.

(201) 795-6200.

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