Court to Picardo on Castle Pt. extension: Raze it!

The NJ Superior Court ruled on a controversial extension by Louis Picardo at 920 Castle Pt. ordering an added floor be removed in a decision filed July 22nd.

The controversy stems back to 2008 when the addition to the Picardo residence suddenly went up over a period of weeks.  Hudson Street neighbors protested the addition and filed a lawsuit in 2008 after the Hoboken Zoning board rescinded approval for the extension.

Picardo said he had approvals from the Hoboken Construction Office issued by then Hoboken Zoning Officer Virginia “Ginger” Buonfiglio and former Construction Code Official Al Arezzo.

The Superior Court agreed with the plaintiffs Julian and Gretchen Brigden, the neighbors on Hudson Street who fought the years long battle to see the addition stopped.

Now they will see it removed.

The upper rear areas now blended in together in red were not legally added according to a recent ruling by the NJ Superior Court.  The addition by Louis Picardo will have to be removed.

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