Grist for the Mill: Raia-Mason poll leak – Timmy Occhipinti is in last

The MSV exclusive report a two question automated poll went out asking who Hoboken voters would vote for mayor and between only two of the ten council candidates may have generated an interesting outcome.

While the poll is thought to have been funded by the Raia-Mason slate, the results leaked out from the campaign and found their way from a recent reliable source to Da Horsey.  According to the source who would only speak on background, any thought Timmy Occhipinti would be the next mayor is already a foregone conclusion.  The poll showed Occhipinti a distant third bringing up the rear to incumbent Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Assemblyman Ruben Ramos.

The numbers are nowhere near “striking distance” as was fed to the Hudson Reporter in a recent column however it should be given some pause.  MSV can confirm there are already a disproportionate amount of vote-by-mail ballots coming out of the Hoboken Housing Authority, where farming votes are paid for by residents who love to circle the block “campaigning” and “talking up the candidate,” as the 2010 Occhipinti for Council campaign claimed.

No telephone poll is going to account for the amount of paid “campaigners” in the back of the fourth ward or certain affordable housing and senior buildings.  It does mean however, any vote-by-mail effort undertaken by the usual suspects will come up far short with what’s needed to take the mayor’s seat.

That may go for any council seat too.

Which means of course the face-off that matters most is next Tuesday.  Whoever can turn out the vote best will likely be the next mayor.
The council will likely fall into the hands of the same person leading the ticket.

Bringing up the rear.  The Raia-Mason slate is thought to have an anchor atop the ticket with Timmy Occhipinti
firmly entrenched in last place according to a source who had access to a recent poll.  Holy GuacaMoley!

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