Grist for the Mill II: Raia-Mason shuttle to Hudson County Board of Elections?

A reported shuttle ferrying people to the Hudson County Board of Elections is underway making an unknown number of trips to the county office where votes can be cast in person.

Called by one first hand observer the “Mason Shuttle,” there’s concern yet another front in the voter fraud effort suspected with numerous alleged instances already retold by residents including one commenter on MSV just today.  (See Grist for the Mill below.)
Since there’s no voter identification of any kind required when voting, no one can be sure who is exactly being sent out in the shuttle to the Hudson County Board of Elections to vote in the Hoboken election.
The major concern is that another front has been opened in an organized large scale voter fraud operation.  The “voters” appear to be congregating outside a candidate’s office space on Jefferson Street.
MSV is working on this voter fraud story among others.  Is there a Department of Justice in da house?
The Nazi Truck seen above at the midway point of its five trips to Hoboken last November has been replaced with what
one observer believes is a “Beth Mason Shuttle.”  This one is ferrying suspect voters to the Hudson County Board of Elections.

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