Grist for the Mill: Quarters Swindler reported back in Hoboken

The scandals in Hoboken run into one another not unlike weekly episodes of the Sopranos except HBO threw in the towel on the popular series years ago.

In the Mile Square City dreams of enrichment using government as the leverage whether the “develop or die” tool or more direct financing methods re: looting right out of City Hall keep the Hoboken Sopranos up at night and flashes across their minds during waking hours too.

Independent reports have been coming in to Da Horsey of John Corea sightings, the former parking utility director who carted out millions of silver little quarters out of town to a south Jersey arcade firm connected to the mob. 
Corea’s thought to be out on a work release program but there’s additional speculation it’s a scam. Two theories abound. One he’s pretending to be working for a local municipal employee who has a contracting side business and another that he’s claiming to be working on New Jersey’s Gold Coast in Edgewater for a tobacco shop.

John Corea

MSV will confirm if it’s possible the seven years sentence Corea received has been converted into a work release program but for the moment it’s an eyebrow raiser. 

John Corea’s details show he has a parole date for April 1, 2015.
It’s unclear for the moment if any work release eligibility is available
Which developers recently got into a scrum with one another, possibly in a real estate office in Hoboken? One is a well known perennial candidate and the other owns a weirdly placed building on the north end of town that has people scratching their heads till this day. The report of their tussle suggests it’s most definitely about the northwest part of town right smack in the middle of the Rockefeller Group property area.

How much longer before that firm sees a name change going along with the firing of the lobbying law firm closely aligned to the governor and the Port Authority?

Which long time Masonistas are thrown under the bus and which think lying under oath for one less than stable benefactress is no different than numerous political operations in City Council meetings and at the cybersewer of the Mile Square, Hoboken411?

Have a nice weekend folks and be careful with the ice out there.

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