Beth Mason alleges conflict of interest and challenges Ravi Bhalla on $20 parking bill

Beth Mason alleges conflict then claims “I do do my homework as we know”

The beating from the election in November for the Old Guard council isn’t forgotten but the bitterness is welling up some. When it comes to the foul, wretched taste for the public backlash against bad behavior and worse governance, it’s Councilwoman Beth Mason who’s chugged it down by the quart.

The firm hired to aid the City in the bankruptcy proceedings to save the hospital has a final bill, approximately 13K. It’s been languishing since 2012 having been rejected at least twice when the Old Guard council locked up the City Council with the Mason family lawsuit and voted it down.

Two weeks ago, the final bill came up for maybe a third time and was passed before appearing in claims and Beth Mason decided to voice a “serious concern” and “conflict” implicitly pointing to Councilman Jim Doyle who served (with distinction) on one of the three hospital entities before it was disbanded following the sale.

In the video below, Mason is questioned rather sternly by Councilman Ravi Bhalla to do her homework “before alleging” misconduct. The Russo clan (Michael and Terry) come to the aid of the Mason checkbook and Councilman Michael Russo urges peace before a full scale war breaks out.

As it turns out, Beth Mason is feeling bitter (a little more than typical) and doesn’t want to see the final bill for the bankruptcy bill paid closing out the success of the hospital being saved and sold. The only bills for a bankruptcy firm she enjoys seeing paid are for a certain firm in Manhattan.

Can you guess which one?

She then retaliated by raising question about a $20 parking bill for Councilman Bhalla who testified in the Angel Alicea discrimination case.

This of course is a high water mark for Beth Mason who previously in claims months back sounded her gotcha moment when she inquired about a $12 NJ Transit ticket. Turned out that ticket was for a temporary worker on Sandy relief and perfectly legitimate.

Hoboken must be relieved Beth Mason is on “the job.”

Talking Ed Note: No doubt Mason will be holding a conference call with her army of political operatives to come up with her “homework” to make another one of her scurrilous charges, this time against Councilman Jim Doyle.

You are not a real Hoboken council member until Beth Mason has arranged an ugly political operative attack against you (and your family).

Let us not forget that Beth Mason also claimed to “write my own stuff” in a famous dustup with former Business Administrator Arch Liston.

Some know how fabricated that claim is but for another day. Beth Mason has operatives who do her “stuff” and one not living in Hoboken appears to be the defacto second ward councilman.

Councilwoman Castellano is so familiar with that stinky fish, she added him to a council email distribution to the Corporation Council.

Perhaps the most interesting outcome of recent meetings is the self-rehabilitation of Timmy Occhipinti. By this editor’s count, he’s up to six meeting where his maturity has dramatically elevated. His comments, questions and votes have dramatically changed in both substance and demeanor as well.

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