All day word has been spreading among different Hoboken groups planning to get behind a protest against the corruption shown in the Mike Russo FBI surveillance video.

A reader submitted this earlier today:

WHAT: A protest to call on Councilman Michael Russo to resign his City Council seat (details below)
WHEN: This Wednesday night, 6pm (City Council Meeting begins at 7pm)
WHERE: The steps in front of City Hall
WHO: You, and everyone you know that cares about bringing change to Hoboken!

Dear Friends,

We’ve read the reports. We’ve heard the denials. Now, we’ve seen the tapes.

Almost two years after Peter Cammarano’s brief stint as mayor came crumbling down with his arrest for accepting bribes from an FBI informant posing as a real estate developer seeking expedited building approvals, it has come to light that City Council Vice President Michael Russo, who’s father was another Hoboken mayor who served prison time for taking bribes, met with the same developer and agreed to the same money-for-expedited-approvals arrangement. Since this information surfaced last week, Councilman Russo has insisted that because he never followed through and accepted the money, he has done nothing wrong.

Now, the FBI’s own video surveillance tapes are available for all to see. For those who haven’t yet seen these highly incriminating videos, you can watch them here:

Councilman Russo can be clearly seen not only explicitly agreeing to accept campaign contributions in exchange for expedited building approvals, but actually specifying for the check to be made out to his PAC, “Russo for Hoboken,” and boastfully dishing out various other unsavory activities and quid-pro-quo arrangements. For years, Mr. Russo has claimed to be the victim of persecution for the sins of his father, and taken umbrage at the suggestion that the apple lies anywhere near the tree. Today, we know the truth, and we need to make our voices heard.


MSV endorses the protest and will be there to both cover it and participate!
Anticipate there will be several organizations joining in shortly. 

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