2nd ward candidate Tom Greaney to Beth Mason: Time to put up, not write up

Tom Greaney for 2nd ward City Council announces:


Second Ward Council candidate Tom Greaney today lambasted Council President Beth Mason for her lack of resolve in responding to the growing scandal involving Councilman Michael Russo and the “Dwek” tapes that have recently surfaced.

“The statement that Beth Mason issued on this matter is a crash course on cover-up, and a seminar on the use of smoke and mirrors in politics,” Greaney said. “Beth Mason is the Council President.  She has it in her power to act immediately and decisively to remove Michael Russo from the Chairmanship of the Committee on Revenue and Finance.  It is time for Mason to put her constituents and the City of Hoboken first, rather than her questionable and sullied political allies.”

“Once again, Council President Mason has demonstrated her lack of ability to back up her words with appropriate action.  In light of the financial gist of the conversation recorded on those tapes, Mason should immediately remove Russo of his Chairmanship of such an important Council Committee that deals with the fiscal underpinnings of our community and the economic vitality of Hoboken’s future,” explained Greaney.

“Mr. Russo was caught on tape bragging about selecting Mason’s three Council running mates in her 2009 campaign for Mayor, and announcing that he, Russo, will “have total control” of the Council through working with Ms. Mason.   The implication is clear, and is at variance with the statement issued today by the Council President.  The make-up of Mason’s ticket in 2009 fully supports the statements that were uttered by Councilman Russo to an FBI informant on this tape.  Furthermore, her inaction today in refusing to remove Russo from his post as Chairman goes a long way to confirm her true colors in regard to this sorry situation,” concluded Greaney, adding “The residents of the Second Ward deserve a Councilman who is focused on serving the people of the Second Ward, and not someone who is distracted by on-going allegations of a nefarious nature.”

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