Grist for the Mill: Old Guard hopes to unseat Mayor Zimmer in disarray

The Post Labor Day window was the predicted timeline for the Old Guard to unify behind one candidate and marshall its efforts to unseat Mayor Dawn Zimmer reclaiming City Hall, the $100 million budget and the jobs going with it.

A week after the holiday, a referendum on the ballot will likely see the scheduled May municipal elections move to November and with it chaos is already breaking out in the Old Guard ranks.

Last month a source with a window into the Old Guard’s room revealed the yelling had already started with the last Old Guard meeting ended.

The Russo clan wanting a Russo hand where they feel most comfortable – on the loot – argue against ally and sometimes foe Frank “Pupie” Raia’s viability as a candidate.  Raia who is more than capable of self-funding a professional race as he did in the fall of 2009 is not taking too kindly to the lack of support.  He finds the disrespect sufficient to turn on the Old Guard as he did to Chris Campos in the 2007 fourth ward council race highlighting his past support saying it’s high time for them to support him (for a change).

Will Pupie take his base of support numbering in the thousands and stay home or will he use it as a peace treaty pipe venturing over to City Hall?  He’s threatening the latter maybe in the hopes of yielding support for uncompleted projects ending the dance of death among the Old Guard and cutting his losses.

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos astutely even lacking the results of a late summer Beth Mason poll knows what others are starting to see; the mayor is not a doe in the woods after all but a formidable professional opponent who has built a more than sizable list of achievements.  There’s word he has rebuilt a severed relationship with his state sponsor, the dual office holding State Senator and Union City powerhouse mayor Brian Stack.  One paying political job is better than nothing may be the thinking.

That also ends the funding problems since his April fundraiser at the Elysian Cafe.  Hoboken’s new pay to play restrictions are strangling his and others’ efforts to route campaign loot into town and a popular incumbent mayor doesn’t encourage people to open their wallets either.

Tim Occhipinti who grew more petulant with every passing City Council meeting thinking he was the Old Guard Mayoral Sock Puppet Selection of the Day has been brought down to earth.  He thought having his name in the Old Guard mix would at a point sooner advance him as the pick and Democratic Committee figurehead/chair Jaime Cryan tells anyone who’ll listen Occhipinti is the smartest person on the council dais.  Only one problem; no one’s listening who isn’t laughing.

Did anyone really believe all the horrid moments of Timmy on tape at City Council meeting were going to launch a 75K help desk analyst to the mayor’s seat?

Even Al Sullivan came out in his column last week saying it’s every man for himself in the Old Guard.  For the unyielding pro-Old Guard Hudson Reporter that’s akin to throwing in the towel or giving up the ghost.  Truth isn’t exactly their standby under this administration.  One reason why they can’t keep a reporter on the Hoboken beat very long.  They are on number three this year and there’s months left in 2012.

For the Old Guard and the corrupt institutions backing them, the feeding always starts from the top with the top piranha looking to chow down on the rest.  The real question is if Old Hoboken wants to play along any more?  Eyes are being opened and people are waking up there’s another way than bowing down to a band of thieves for the scraps.

2013 Mayoral contender Frank “Pupie” Raia is reportedly unhappy with the
support or lack thereof among his allies.  He ran a strong mayoral campaign in
the fall of 2009 and has the itch to do so again but he’s not getting respect/backing. 

Talking Ed Note:  Speaking of referendum regalia, the Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta was the messenger of all roll counts taking petitions to the City Clerk’s office for a tally one afternoon last month and who walks in not ten minutes later filling out an OPRA request to obtain a copy of the same petitions?

None other than Mason Civic League employee and political operative Matt Calicchio.  Guess there were no exhibits needing to be taken down or put up on the walls at 12th and Washington.  Give credit where due, that’s the Old Guard efficiency at work.

Da Horsey is not pointing any fingers at anyone or the City Clerk’s office.  It was however common knowledge the Old Guard was hungry to get copies of the petitions.  Someone got word out and quickly.

The Board of Education race is officially on.  Emails are circulating from someone claiming in the  sender line to be “the BoE.”  It goes on to promote the new Raia backed ticket in this week’s page three space “owned” by Councilwoman Beth Mason.  The only true question is who’s paying?

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