BREAKING: Boys of Summer Strike – Trenton Mayor Tony Mack Arrested

The Boys of Summer have struck again and this time it’s Trenton Mayor Tony Mack placed under arrest along with others including Mack’s brother for corruption involving a developer.

The mayor is accused of taking $119,000.  In Hoboken, the Old Guard calls that plural sum “a mistake.”  Gosh, these stories are so easy, they write themselves, over and over.

Video Trenton Mayor Tony Mack perp walk courtesy of NBC News 4 New York

The full story:

FBI Criminal Complaint against Trenton Mayor and others for corruption

Mack, Tony, Et Al.,Corruption Complaint

Talking Ed Note:  Congratulations to the FBI for their successful takedown of another politically corrupt enterprise, this time in the NJ State Capital.

Sadly, resources used against corruption take away resources needed to protect our Republic against enemies foreign and domestic.  MSV strongly advocates the maximum penalty imposed considering the duress this nation is under and the eleventh anniversary of 9-11 tomorrow.

God bless all the noble people serving our Republic in the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office.  They make tremendous sacrifices on behalf of our city, state and country.

Thank you!!

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