Michele “Five-bucks-a-tow” scores a taxpayer paid job

Today’s Hudson Reporter confirms what MSV has been tracking for months – Michele Russo has scored a taxpayer position and it’s going through on the BoE in Union City where MSV investigated previously.
Earlier a controversy broke out when Michele “five-bucks-a-tow” Russo attempted to apply for a Hudson County position but that effort was quashed by public protest from readers here phoning the County.
According to the HR story, Michele has been working on the Union City BoE since late October and offers this quote:
Union City Superintendent of Schools Stanley Sanger said Russo “filled a need within the district as far as the new health screening center at UCHS.” He said he found her to be the best candidate with her “quality organizational skills.”

Talking Ed Note: What the trade was between the Russo clan and Union City Mayor Stack is unclear but our original source said it had to be something significant.  Perhaps the Feds can find out at the right time.

With the expanding FBI investigation in Hoboken and the arrest last week of Russo friend Patrick Ricciardi, is this dumb or what?

October 11, 2011

Grist for the Mill: Michele Russo shut down again on Union City BoE job with health benefits


If you don’t get the taxpayer loot, the Russo clan motto is try, try again and let no concept as shame, or the law stop you.  All’s fair in seeking the bottom line by hook or by crook.  Usually it’s the latter, but you are no crook until the door cell sings shut behind you and maybe not even then.

MSV reported earlier on Michele Russo’s attempt to land a county job with coveted taxpayer paid health benefits lost in a December audit by the City, but in the latest foray, the fat lady had not truly sung in Union City.  This time it has.

Michele Russo (l) speaking to Councilwoman Terry Castellano before a recent council meeting.

A well placed sourced connected to Union City categorically says plans had  been finalized between Union City Mayor Brian Stack who is well known for his hands of influence on the town’s BoE and the Russo family.  The arrangement was concluded in a negotiation with Michele Russos’ son, 3rd ward Councilman Michael Russo .  (And here we thought he was valiantly working on saving the hospital.)

Previously MSV exclusively reported the Russo efforts failed to obtain a position on the Union City BoE for Ma Russo but this effort had destiny written on it.  To our question on whether there was reconsideration this time, the source interjected, “It was a done deal!.”

So what happened?  An Attorney General investigation in Union City has put the heat on the town and Mayor Brian Stack backed out not wanting to have the added glare under the spotlight.  Ma Russo was all set as an action item on the most recent Union City BoE agenda, until suddenly she wasn’t.

Her planned BoE job  was unceremoniously yanked off the agenda.  It’s not clear if a third attempt will be made should the heat lighten up.  Currently, police chief Charles Everett is the target of a state probe on a “low show” job doing school security as reported in the Jersey Journal last week:

Subpoenas have been served to Union City Mayor Brian Stack’s office,
Police Chief Charles Everett’s office and the Union City Board of
Education in its investigation, a source told The Jersey Journal.

Union City Mayor Brian Stack also serves as a NJ State Senator.  According to the unconfirmed source, Michele Russo’s done deal was quashed due to the heat from the police chief probe.  It’s not known what Councilman Michael Russo offered in exchange for the BoE job, but the source noted it had to be something, something good.

Talking Ed Note: The first casualty in a state law enforcement action in Hoboken in recent days is all but official.  Begin the countdown…

Ready when you are Madam Attorney General.  Hoboken is eagerly awaiting another visit in coordination with the Boys of Summer, from the FBI in Newark.  Union City is in the sights now just up the hill.  NJ Attorney General Paula Dow is pictured here at Hoboken’s 9-11 ceremony.

Wider law enforcement heat from the NJ Attorney General’s Office has generated impact on Hoboken and oddly it’s via Union City.  This is the first tangible affect on the Old Guard in town.

It won’t be the last.  Turn up the heat, baby!

Unrelated: Grafix Avenger has penned yet another in her smash hit series, “FBI Letter No. 9.”  This the latest in joyful anticipation of the FBI’s return visit to Hoboken and what Tim Occhipinti, the current occupant of the 4th ward council seat called “a credible threat.”

Well MSV certainly hopes so but it’s not in the way Occhipinti hoped.  He along with his sponsor Beth Mason coordinated a complaint against the Hoboken mom for “FBI Letter No. 4” where GA comically wrote about joining the Feds and helping in a series of arrests of corrupt Hoboken officials/residents.

Don’t we all?

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