Final Freeholder shocker: Kurt Gardiner tallied over 1700 votes

The Freeholder election where challenger Kurt Gardiner surprised well funded county backed incumbent Anthony Romano was quickly overtaken by the FBI arrest of the confessed City Hall IT manager Patrick Ricciardi.

But it’s worth taking a look at that election again.  Why?  Kurt Gardiner’s tally initially thought to be in the 1500 range officially concluded with an amazing 1724 votes!

Giant shocker: Kurt Gardiner’s final vote tally was over 1700 votes in the Freeholder election
His viral campaign turned out to be the biggest resistance to the  Hudco tax machine
across all of Hudson County.

A review of the election results by ward and district shows Kurt Gardiner fared best in Hoboken’s 2nd ward where residents angered by the Beth Mason led sabotage that almost closed the hospital went out to vote in a sleeper election allowing the Jolly Green Giant to take the 2-3 district outright.

Gardiner also made a point at the end of highlighting Beth Mason’s cash donation to the Romano campaign and that message and a strong detailed platform resonated and clearly took hold in Hoboken and especially in Beth Mason’s backyard in the 2nd ward.

On less than a shoestring budget of $1,500 Gardiner pulled over 26% of the total vote.  In Hoboken The Giant tallied almost 30% of the vote citywide, more if you consider the latest election anomaly where he was beaten on absentee ballots 618 to 62.

Once again, Hoboken’s Housing Authority finds an uncanny interest to vote by paper ballot with their invisible army of campaign workers unseen on election day but likely each collecting $40 for their “work.”

 Talking Ed Note: Kurt Gardiner is talking about taking up the challenge for County Freeholder in three years.  His immediate goal is to focus on county issues and build awareness there among Hoboken residents.

After all, we still need a Giant Tax Cut in Hudson County.

Election chart at the jump:


Freeholder District 5 Official Results 11-8-2011-1

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