Grist for the Mill: HoLA attacks BoE meeting

Resolution in support of Superintendent Toback letter pulled off agenda

In a story to be told of the haves in Hoboken protesting for more against the have nots, every political malcontent re: losers in last week’s elections is at the BoE where tonight’s meeting is overflowing with dozens of angry HoLA parents who want to see their charter school expanded.  They have made an invasion on their board rivals at the district’s BoE and Superintendent.

The resolution in support of Superintendent Mark Toback’s letter to Trenton, (see below) has been pulled from tonight’s agenda.
It would have been interesting to hear the minority BoE members arguing against their own middle and lower middle class students and the impact yet to be determined on their part of the district. 
It’s unclear if HoLa is given approval for expansion by Trenton, requiring possible cuts elsewhere for expanding HoLa grades. Is that in the cards where currently two fifth grade classes of nine HoLa students can’t graduate ahead without having the charter school expanded.  HoLa currently goes up to the fifth grade.
Wait, who’s representing the wider school district interests of students and looking out for the taxpayers again?
Someone may wish to ask Bubbles, Peter Biancamano and the nefarious Carmelo Garcia.
This may be the first and last time you see the Old Guard embrace their hated enemies, the “yuppies” as they call the professional class relocated into Hoboken.
As some may describe it, it’s a marriage of convenience useful political theater in attacking enemies who vanquished two Old Guard slates at the polls last week.
Failed BoE candidate Brian Murray has been urging the HoLa school to descend on the district BoE tonight and attack them for HoLa possibly not getting State of NJ approval in a proposed expansion.
The decision however isn’t made at the Hoboken BoE or by the Kids First majority.  It will be evaluated and decided by the NJ Department of Education as the proposed charter, Da Vinci was last year.
Never mind.
Carmelo Garcia who will remain on the BoE into January before he’s forced by law to resign due to the Assembly position
handed to him by Union City Mayor Brian Stack will be teaming up with other HoLa parents to get “theirs.”
They want to expand HoLa which will cost the lower income students in the district not to mention the taxpayers.
HoLA already pushed out many of the poorer children out from the Boys & Girls Club.
Ramos (r) and Garcia are thought to both have children attending HoLa.
Talking Ed Note: This is a second hand report and does not merit even Grist standards.  Perry Belfiore is reportedly on the scene screaming about fire code violations with all the HoLa parents showing up.  Among the invaders fighting for the poor kids’ “lunch money” so to speak: 
Ruben Ramos.

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