Councilman Dave Mello: YouTube ads “despicable”

At the end of the short, two hour council meeting last Wednesday, Councilman Dave Mello spoke about the campaign concluded the day before and directed some strong remarks about the YouTube ads put forward by Councilwoman Beth Mason and the Raia-Mason campaign.

He described them as despicable.  Beth Mason herself had nothing to say at all about the campaign, her underwriting of political attacks deemed defamatory by many and of course her latest failure to buy control of Hoboken via Timmy Occhipinti.

Speaking of Timmy, it’s entertaining to watch him twitching when the campaign is discussed. Before the election he was taunting Councilman Ravi Bhalla about the upcoming election to the point Bhalla moved his seat to the vacant councilman-in-waiting chair of Jim Doyle.

Occhipinti was convinced both Bhalla and Mello had no record to run on but they in fact ran exclusively on their record along with the mayor.

Timmy was put forward by Beth Mason and ran not on his record of voting down the simple tax refi of the midtown garage (costing millions), opposing the Hospital sale (costing unknown millions), opposing the 9-11 Memorial, voting down new HOP buses, repaving Washington Street…. do we need to continue?

Occhipinti ran on turning Hoboken back into a pukefest the first Saturday in March.
After a quarter million squandered, how’d that work out?

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