Grist for the Mill: Hoboken Democratic event invaded by operatives

City Bistro hosted a local Hoboken Democratic event last week and unknown to most, it was infiltrated by a Tea Party member.  Etiquette for such events probably suggests people be identified in advance but in this case it didn’t occur regarding one attendee while a target of that same movement and most senior Democrat in attendance – NJ Senator Menendez also appeared at the same event.

With two polarized sides at such an event, it’s even odder to find such a happenstance coupled with the recent recall efforts by the same group against the sitting Senator.  Menendez currently finds himself in a legal battle to forestall the group’s efforts to collect signatures to have him removed and the legality of such a recall effort is at question but the NJ Courts have ruled the effort may continue while the matter is under appeal.  The mere constitutionality of recalling national senators is not certain although many people had suggested it was not even possible.

The Tea Partier in attendance, Corey Maness (pictured left) is listed as an organizer of the greater New York City Tea Party.  His political company is said to have only one client in town: Councilwoman Beth Mason.  A question gaining some buzz is whether Mr. Maness was sent by the Councilwoman in an official or alternatively subterfuge capacity.  The Councilwoman did not attend the event and people still recall ex-Gov. Corzine’s people were less than pleased when Councilwoman Mason’s hired army of street workers were out with signs of both on placards on election day last November suggesting an alliance that never was voiced by the then Governor.

Echoes around town are that local officials prominent in the Democrat Party are steamed about this infiltration with New Jersey Senator Menendez hopping mad.  The Senator would no doubt like to ask Councilwoman Mason if she sent a Tea Party representative to a Democratic event in her absence.  Or would Senator Menendez prefer a recall started locally on Councilwoman Mason instead?  Well that’s probably a stretch but how hard would that effort need to be before taking solid grass roots support?

Think you will see this picked up by the plagiarizer-in-chief over at Hoboken411?  Hey Da Horsey officially gives permission for Hobo411 to do so.  Da Klausfuherer is much more interested these days attacking citizens who participate in government on a volunteer basis due to, okay are you ready – 100% legal grassroots campaign contributions.  Nothing gets his goat more than widespread grassroots democratic participation in our local government that undermines his advertiser and self-funded candidate.  Because you know that’s what Hoboken really needs.

Talking Ed Note: Tonight’s City Council meeting proposes limiting speakers to an agenda item and public portion.  We’re divided on the matter as there’s valid arguments on both sides.  You have to wonder if the re-appearance of an angry little man along with the excessive length of meetings to the early morning hours has anything to do with it. But anything that helps the guy find more time to obtain work to support his family rather than insulting citizens participating in the town’s governance is not one we can find fault.

One of a select few of Councilwoman Mason’s loyal soldiers had a letter published in advance in the Hoboken Reporter suggesting the limit be voted down.  Nothing gets Councilwoman Mason more motivated than defending the rights of the members of her government-in-exile.  We’re going out on a limb to say she will be vociferous in opposing her minions be limited from prattling on and on….. about everything and anyone who just refuses to support her ambition for higher office.

It’s a beautiful day.  It’s sad it won’t be too pretty in City Council Chambers later this evening.


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