City Council – April Swelter @ 7:00

Tonight’s City Council meeting promises to be heated.  And maybe not just because of the weather although that won’t hurt with our brief summer heat passing through.  Here’s the resolution pack at the link here and the the agenda link is here.

Fiscal Monitor Judy Tripodi will be attending on some revenue items and this could well be her last appearance with the continued interviews for a Business Administrator going in full force.  With a hire in that role, the City should be able to satisfy the State requirements to once again attend to its own affairs.  The Fiscal State Monitor has played a more supporting role in that position with the election of new Gov. Chris Christie.

Of the dozens of items on the agenda, no. 39 promises to produce some real fireworks.  Let’s see how the battle lines go with the limited opportunity for Councilwoman Beth Mason’s government-in-exile minions to do infomercials during City Council meetings.  The last one we saved didn’t go too well as we know last November.  Sham I am, sham I am, I do not like green eggs and ham.  And I’m very, very angry.

Uncensored chat, unlike the defiler uptown at Hobo411.


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