Grist for the Mill: BoE Special Election Edition

Lots and lots of rumors flying around with the GOTV (get out the vote) efforts to reach voters now.  Maureen Sullivan who originally “resigned” from her slate allies in a public letter to the local paper is now complaining Mayor Zimmer didn’t speak to her before again endorsing Kids First.  Funny, she had no problem with it the previous year when it helped propel her to a seat on the Board after her earlier failed effort.  Even better over the weekend Maureen Sullivan was hitting the voters by phone.  Not in actual phone conversations but with robocalls.  Just the way Ms. Sullivan likes the conversation – one way.

In her letter of “resignation,” Maureen declared herself the reformiest of reformers and wrote in a letter to the Hudson Reporter she was not forming a competing slate for the April election.  Meanwhile a full fledged family operation was well underway to put together a Real Results slate.  Like her voting record none of these discrepancies can be discussed in any Q&A with her.  Her modus operandi since has been to make appearances and charges in various places on local blogs a la the Dr. Romano sabotage, then quietly slink away when uncomfortable questions arise.  With her robocalls over the weekend, is anyone else seeing the sheer irony?

The uptown smear merchant at Hoboken411 may again have found himself in trouble, this time the legal variety.  He stated a public official endorsed a slate of candidates against recommended policy by the agency’s lawyer.  The public official notified Hoboken411 of the false charge and ordered him to remove it.  Hoboken411’s notoriety in the past suggests he may either ignore the request or do it quietly without announcing any correction to the public.  Will that be sufficient for the public official and the lawyers?  Stay tuned for the next chapter of “As the smear merchant turns…”  The agency attorney is sure to follow up next with Hoboken’s most complete news site for disinformation.

Frank Raia in a brief interview last night stated he’s endorsed the slate of Kyelia Colon, Patricia Waiters and Ken “I’m independent” Howitt as revealed in a weekend advertisement in the Hudson Reporter.  An unconfirmed rumor claimed he’s quietly endorsing another candidate for the free fourth slot from an opposing slate.  For the record, Frank denied he is endorsing anyone else and MSV does not have confirmation to suggest otherwise.  Frank Raia withdrew from the race to follow through with his commitment to the Hola Charter school opening this September.  Frank did say he’s against the “people up there” now.  Clearly he’s not forgotten the loss in the election a year ago.

One Real Results candidate is again going off the reservation.  Having freelanced in public speeches before the Board of Education taking positions of the opposing Kids First team, the question is which slate she really wanted to run on in the first place?  Word on the street is she is supporting the budget and urging voters to vote yes on its approval.  Maureen we have a problem.

The late breaking revelation of a candidate’s wife endorsing her husband on Hobo411 without Perry Klausfurherer identifying her as such, merely as John Q “someone” upset with Mayor Zimmer was compounded yet again over the weekend.  The Real Results wife also submitted a letter that was published in the Hudson Reporter.  De facto Real Results campaign manager Nathan Brinkman stated the email to Hoboken411 was without campaign authorization but does anyone remotely believe the same error occurred twice without the Queen of Reform Maureen Sullivan orchestrating and/or approving the entire episode?  This from the non-candidate who is appearing in robocalls for the slate to Hoboken voters over the weekend.  What none of the Real Results candidates speaks English?

Hoboken Revolt has seen a slew of activity over the weekend from Revolters and anonymous operatives but none from certain early endorsers of the Real Results slate.  A husband and wife team vocally supportive were angered at the suggestion the Real Results slate was connected to Councilwoman Beth Mason.  The family has been quiet with the Mason endorsement in a letter featured in the Hudson Reporter over the weekend.  Mr. Mason apparently is disassociated from his wife in her official declaration of neutrality in this year’s BoE race in an interview with Da Horsey in City Council Chambers.

In the same interview, Councilwoman Beth Mason declared her restart of filming BoE meetings was “for transparency.”  Oddly, no cameraman appeared at the last BoE meeting before the election.  What led to that sudden strange odd disappearance?

Kids First is facing criticism for not taking a tax cutting position heading into the election by Real Results surrogates.  With the expanding school age population, they have stated they will continue to clean up the mess from BoE’s past.  Does anyone think a tax cut is possible with the construction issues the BoE faces?  Well it does make for good politics.  There’s an election on Tuesday, haven’t you heard?

Battles over the basic budget facts are still continuing with voters heading to the polls on Tuesday.  How much did the Kids First coalition reduce the cost per pupil?  Regardless of which figure you insist on, there’s no doubt they’ve lowered the number and narrowed the margin with the state average.  In doing so, they managed that task without laying off any teachers while also not increasing taxes like almost every BoE township in the state of NJ.  That’s one difficult fact to overcome in any election. In the end a 7% reduction is an inarguable 7% (and $4 million dollar) reduction.

Hoboken Revolt has weighed in on the BoE election at least on the budget.  It advocates a “no” vote and asked the BoE and superintendent to identify more areas for savings while “continuing to focus on the delivery of quality education to all students in the district.”

Anyone who thought the Real Results team was just some new faces in the election (and at the Board of Education) can now be disavowed of such naiveté.  As the robocalls from Maureen Sullivan herself show, it’s always been about Maureen First.  Condolences to Nathan Brinkman who had hoped to run a clean campaign like in his mayoral run last November.  We have three words for Mr. Brinkman, “Lonegan, Lonegan, Lonegan.”  Character before ideology, first and foremost.

This story may be updated.  Check back periodically.  And get out and vote on Tuesday!
Take a neighbor with you.

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The Jersey Journal is reporting the Hoboken Republicans have endorsed Real Results and have been joined by the Hudson County Young Republicans. The Hoboken Republicans were co-founded by Peter Morgan and Real Results campaign manager Nathan Brinkman among others.

No word yet if the other local Republican organization – Republicans of Hoboken will also extend an endorsement.


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