BREAKING: Peter Cammarano – “I’m guilty”

Just minutes ago The Star Ledger reported that ex-mayor Peter Cammarano will plead guilty to corruption charges tomorrow in Newark.

Congratulations to the boys of summer at Club Fed in Newark for a job well done.
The city of Hoboken extends its congratulations and gratitude.

In an earlier Mile Square View exclusive, Da Horsey reported on a conversation Peter Cammarano had with a counselor in an uptown coffee shop this year.  In it, he recounts how his wife hoped “I will fold.”

Dateline: April 19, 2010 – Cammarano has folded.

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Photo courtesy:  Mitsu Yasukawa/The Star-Ledger

The story late March on Peter Cammarano’s confidential conversation caught by MSV:

March 25, 2010

Grist for the Mill: Peter Cammarano enters, stage right


Peter Cammarano apparently met with a counselor in a popular uptown Hoboken coffee shop.  Until now, questions have come from readers about the ex-mayor but not much is of broader public interest.  Some people know the wife left earlier with child in tow and that Hudson Realty is holding the exclusive for sale listing on the uptown Bloomfield brownstone.  But it’s this conversation during the colder months that’s the gist of this rumor fueled grist.

Although our heroes down in Newark at Club Fed are doing their fine methodical work with the recent conviction of the sultry Leona Baldini of Jersey City,  there’s more going on behind the scenes.  Hopes Hudco held the boys of summer in Newark would see their star witness Solomon Dwek stumble before a jury fell asunder leaving the oddsmakers on future cases on the sidelines.

Any of Hudson County Crime Inc.’s hopes were pretty much dashed with that conviction.  A Soprano State ex-government official can crow how they were unfairly stung by the FBI until the cows come home now.  The only person who will listen will be in a nearby jail cell, a local sympathetic editor or a counselor which brings us to the point of this story.

Enter paid counselor, an elderly gentleman doing his level best to keep ex-mayor Peter Cammarano looking on the bright side.  Holding a meeting of this kind in public and talking way too loud is only the latest mistake.

A grand jury contemplating the envelopes of cash passed had not yet come to the fore at the time of this conversation.  The counselor asked if he had any idea on its commencing and Cammarano replied, “No idea.”    Discussion about his lawyer arose with the counselor advising he “stay out of the papers” maybe get out of town entirely and “don’t let anger” control him. This followed with an inquiry about the estranged wife where Cammarano said in some distress, “She hopes I will fold.”  The conversation moved to a discussion about his need to “confide in a friend.”  Ironically just last week another source emailed Da Horsey how Cammarano pointedly told them in a chance public meeting they weren’t friends, they were never friends and would never be friends. (This after the source recounted an email a few years back where Cammarano discusses how he thinks of them as… you guessed it – friends!.)

The counselor goes on to discussing the very crime itself, suggesting the manner of the money being tendered “wasn’t right.”  Cammarano replies saying he was set up, this was a sting and all he was doing was “yessing” the guy.  Unfortunately he doesn’t explain how this instance turned into several meetings of yes, yes, yes and tens of thousands in real lovely evergreen yes’ all caught on tape.  Ignoring those unfortunate facts the counselor tells Peter, “How smart can you be?”  To this Cammarano responds, “Not too smart.”  At this they both howled in laughter.

Next the current Governor’s name (Chris Christie) comes up perhaps along the lines about an intermediary somehow interceding.  To that the counselor responds, “These people are not your friends.”  Gee, how much is that hourly rate again?  This followed with some concern on the overall Cammarano state of affairs and some work perhaps of a volunteer nature and a job offer in some capacity for a NJ construction firm.

Inevitably the discussion turned to politics.  Cammarano spoke about his love of campaigns, “I feel like I was on the most violent roller coaster.  It was a lot of fun. I won’t do it again though.”  The counselor encouraged him to “do it from the sidelines.” On behalf of what potential campaign, it was never stated, but hey this is Joisey right?

Before leaving together, the most apt line – what everyone already knows, “For $25,000, I ruined my life,” Cammarano said.

On that final point, we wholeheartedly agree.  But then again, Jersey pols do often sell out for cheap don’t they?  The only thing left is the final curtain call of justice.  On that note, the Feds should know that interest on that point in Hoboken remains high.

Talking Ed Note: This website’s start came about due to the actions of The Contemptuous Prince.  Without Peter “The Great Condescender” Cammarano there would never be a Mile Square View.

Although “Grist for the Mill” is a rumor column information is sourced.  For this piece, precautions were taken to ensure the source’s permanent anonymity.  Besides, Da Horsey will never tell.

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