Grist for the Mill – BOE Edition


In a development many missed with the well deserved 500K surprise from Interim Superintendent Carter, the Board of Education Secretary David Anthony has resigned effective June 30, 2010.  That’s 45K of a quite rich and some would say not quite legal lifetime contract being removed from the gravy train, excuse me the cost to Hoboken children’s education.  Some features of this “value added” contract included:

  • Immediate tenure  (For just being a swell guy.)
  • Pay similar to a full time teacher for at best a part time position (if that)
  • Vesting completely outside the bounds of the NJ formula 
  • A termination clause giving an attorney to the contractee if needed on the taxpayer dime
  • A lifetime contract!  Is that even legal?  cough, cough.  

Now how many computers can $45,000 buy not including the overinflated bennies:
That’s maybe a couple of thousand computers for children (at a grand a pop) with a decent service contract, countless textbooks, a tutoring program or maybe a downpayment toward some new space for a rapidly expanding school age population.  Moving on to the big picture…

Next stop on “The Cartel” targeted gravy train: a $125K administrator position will be up with elections next April. That is if the two trustee positions change hands from the Kids First coalition.  And from there, back to business as usual baby!

A reader Janis noted, there’s been 500K in savings without touching a dime from the classroom since Kids First took the helm as the majority coalition.  Someone get Bob “The Cartel” Bowdon on the line.  The machine called and they want their own 500K check for Christmas.

Sorry guys.  Maybe now it will really be about Hoboken’s kids.

Here’s David Anthony’s contract but don’t read it on an empty stomach or it’ll induce the dry heaves.
(Click on the fullscreen button.)

Update:  There’s been some crying over at Hoboken Now by a reader about holding interviews in executive session of the candidates, but the sunshine is still shining this morning.  The New Jersey School Board’s Association along with some expert legal beagles have deemed it so.  Who would want to be interviewed in front of a hundred or more spectators anyway?  The idea this would “taint” the superb pick last night is shall we put it nicely specious but hollow.

Gristy Chewable: A reader emailed asking if the tenure was really true.  Yes, it’s true.  And the pay is for a part time job equal to the cost of a new teacher too.  In addition, no BOE trustee can take a paid position after resigning without a 60 day grace period.  In this case, David Anthony resigned as a trustee and took the paid role THE SAME DAY.  The State Department of Education chimed in on the matter saying “if your board is stupid enough to do this and no one files a complaint, so be it.”

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