$532,240.51 Booyah!

How often is it we can say there’s been a discovery in Hoboken and it’s not going to cost the town more money? You wouldn’t be alone in drawing a blank and in this case, some blank checks have been filled in quite nicely by the interim school superintendent Mr. Peter Carter. (Shown above holding up the checks or Santa’s early gift to the town.) Hoboken Now’s Amy Sara Clark reported on the surprising event last night.

You’ll hardly believe this part either. The monies have not been budgeted as receivables so it’s pretty much a Christmas present from Mr. Carter to the town. That’s one big bag of Santa’s booty he just hauled in, courtesy of the Hoboken Charter Schools rent payments going back to 2006.

If one wasn’t too careful, you’d think a new Dawn had arrived. Perhaps it has.

Interim Superintendent Carter photo courtesy Amy Sara Clark / Hoboken Now

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