Fund on Fraud

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal came to Amanda’s Restaurant yesterday to discuss voter fraud and his book on the same topic.  Since Da Horsey was doing a live stream of the BoE budget meeting, Davidd submitted the following report for MSV.

This week you wouldn’t know the Republicans were a minority party in Hoboken. Tuesday night the Republicans of Hoboken hosted John Fund of the Wall Street Journal. Solid turnout packed Amanda’s main room with almost 75 folks paying to attend.  Fund’s speech centered on the subject of voter fraud based on his book, Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy. This successful event followed hot on the heals of the Lincoln Dinner that featured education commissioner Bret Schundler this past weekend.  A mixed crowd of GOP and some Democrats attended included local politicos Nathan Brinkman, Mike Novak and Councilman Mike Lenz. None volunteered that they were ‘voting fraud enthusiasts.’  Former mayor Peter Cammarano was not in attendance although his absentee ballot tally approaching 10% of his vote total last spring would have made for some interesting examination.

After appetizers and mingling, Diana Davis started off the evening telling the diners how campaigning for the current Governor, Chris Christie led to the creation of the Republicans of Hoboken. Republican County Chair Jose Arengo spoke next alluding to the county’s high taxes, corruption, and low transparency saying it was time for a ‘real’ Republican Party in Hudson County.  Finally local filmmaker and journalist Bob Bowdon introduced John Fund, a Jersey City resident.

Fund gave a wide ranging talk, touching on the history of corruption in Hudson County and Chicago. The primary thrust of his speech described various schemes to increase voter registration with increased opportunities for fraud throught the creating of ‘dead wood’ voters, registered votes without an actual voter. Thee organization that he viewed contributing to this type of voter fraud was the one made famous by young conservative citizen journalists: ACORN. His description of the events leading to ACORN’s disbanding brought spontaneous applause.  At the conclusion of his talk, Fund expressed fears that a congressional move toward ‘universal’ registration could provide more openings for fraud.  He said that a name could be recorded differently on various government lists – creating multiple records for one individual.

In a brief interview after Fund’s talk, Diana Davis said she brought Mr. Fund to Hoboken because the topic of voter fraud was of special interest in Hudson County.  She seemed very pleased with the results of the evening and intimated that the Republicans of Hoboken are already lining up another speaker for the Fall. Davis said it’ll remain a secret until all the details are confirmed.

Talking Ed Note:  Last we recall, New Jersey’s Culture of Corruption continues to fight valiantly to keep any registered voter on the rolls no matter if they have moved, died, or registered in another locale.  Perhaps any discussion on reform should begin there.  Then we can at least separate the real people committed to positive change from the poseurs who are cravenly willing to nullify the legitimacy of our vote.

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